How to install the green version of the inf file driver Use tutorial under Win11[Win11 Solutions]

34 2021-08-23 18:50

  Most of the time we need to install the driver program is the automatic installation program at the can you recover iphone hard drive end of exe, just click next to complete the driver has been installed, and sometimes some of the can you recover melted hard drive drivers we download on the Internet are green version, unzip it to see The files are.The files at the can you recover usb deleted files end of inf, these are actually drivers, they are only green version and can't be installed directly. can you recover wiped hard drive You need to be more troublesome to install them. I will teach you how to do it below.?

  First of cannot create hp bios recovery usb all, you have to prepare these files and put them in a folder you frequently use.

  Right-click cannot create recovery usb windows 10 "Computer" to open "Properties" and then click "Device Manager" in the upper left corner.

  See picture. cannot create usb recovery windows 10 Right click on the computer name."Scan for hardware changes" and "Add obsolete hardware" appear, we cannot find iso on recovery usb click "Add obsolete hardware"

  Click Next, there will be two radio boxes, we choose the second cannot recover external hard drive partition "Install the hardware I manually selected from the list (advanced)"

  Click Next, the first one is selected cannot recover external hard drive partittion by default, we don't have to click Next.

  We click "Install from Disk" in the lower right corner.A cannot start windows from recovery usb path selection appears, we find the downloaded inf file.Click to select the inf file and then can't boot from windows recovery usb "OK".

  Click Browse, you will directly navigate to the folder we used before, and then locate the inf cant boot to recovery usb drive file.

  Go back to the previous picture, click "OK", and then click "Next" and "Next". The computer cant boot up from recovery usb starts installation.Click "OK" until the end.Our inf is installed.

  Although it's a bit more can't find usb after chrome recovery troublesome, it's still necessary to master this technology for some of the rarer driver files, and it's can't recover data from hard drive not difficult after all, it just needs us to operate a little bit.