In detail the computer cannot read the SD card[Win11 Solutions]

34 2021-08-23 18:40

  With the development of digitization, the role of computers in daily life is becoming more and more bios recovery usb flash drive hp important, and people are becoming more and more dependent on computers. Many friends will also use bitlocker password recovery external hard drive computers to read SD cards.Today, I will introduce to you how to solve the problem that the computer bitlocker recovery key for hard drive can't read the SD card.

  Recently, many friends have reported that the computer can't detect the bitlocker recovery key new hard drive SD card. If the storage capacity in the mobile phone is relatively small, we will use the SD card bleaching a hard drive and recovery to expand the capacity.However, the SD card is relatively fragile compared to other storage devices.Next, blu flash recovery from external memory I will share with you the solution that the computer can't read the SD card

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  The computer can't read the sd card solution:

  Method 1: System Repair SD Card

  1. Double-click boot block recovery from usb storage the computer icon to check the drive letter of the SD card, the win+R shortcut key opens the run boot chromebook recovery usb on mac window, enter the cmd command, and click OK

  The computer can't detect the sd card Figure-2

  2. Open boot from hard drive after recovery the administrator command window and enter chkdsk /f #: Enter (f is the disk where the SD card is boot from recovery usb black screen located)

  The computer can't detect the sd card Figure-3

  3. Then right-click the SD card drive boot from recovery usb win 10 letter, now Properties, switch to the Tools tab, click Start Check

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  4. Check the boot from recovery usb windows 10 options that need to be checked and click start

  The computer can't detect the sd card Figure-5

   boot from recovery usb windows 8.1 Method 2: SD card's own problems

  1. Check whether the sd metal part is oxidized or spotted, wipe boot from usb recovery drive mac it with an eraser or a clean cotton cloth, and reinsert it.

  The computer can't detect the SD card boot from usb recovery windows 10 Figure-6

  2. Insert the card into the computer using a card reader, and it still can't be read either boot from usb to recover files because of a virus or damage.It can be formatted by a virus. If there is important data in the SD boot from windows 10 recovery usb card if it is damaged, it is recommended to send it for repair.

  The computer can't read the sd card boot hp recovery partition external hdd Figure-7

  The above technology and the solution of the computer can't read the SD card, I hope it boot into external recovery partition mac can help you