How to fix the portable external hard drive cannot be formatted Practical solutions[Win11 Solutions]

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  When using a portable hard disk, if it is used improperly, it will cause a variety of strange recover data from dead hard drive montreal problems, the most serious of which is that it needs to be formatted, and the problem of clicking format recover data from dead hard drive reddit and unable to format, what should I do at this time.Don't panic when you encounter this situation. recover data from dead hard drive sat a First, we need to troubleshoot the problem.

  1. Exclude whether it is caused by insufficient power recover data from dead hard drive software supply. In this case, the problem of inability to format may also occur. We try to change a computer, recover data from dead hard drive youtube and then plug in the rear USB of the desktop computer, or change to a laptop computer to see if it recover data from dead ide hard drive solves the problem.

  2. Whether there is a problem with the data cable, try to change the data cable recover data from dead imac hard drive to improve the connection of the mobile hard disk.

  3. The most likely reason is that there are recover data from dead internal hard drive logical bad sectors or physical bad sectors in the mobile hard disk. Let me teach you how to fix it recover data from dead iphone hard drive to solve the problem that can't be formatted.

  Solution 1: Use the system's own software to repair

recover data from dead mac hard drive   Click the start menu in the lower right corner, enter cmd in the search program or file window or recover data from dead macbook hard drive click Run to enter CMD.

  Then enter in the pop-up window

  "Chkdsk H:/f" here to repair the H drive, recover data from dead sata hard drive repair D drive is "chkdsk d:/f", what is your mobile hard drive, enter the corresponding English recover data from dead seagate hard drive letters, and then press Enter to confirm, the system will automatically repair the move The logic of recover data from dead ssd hard drive the hard disk is broken.

  After a while, it will be prompted that the repair is complete, as shown recover data from dead usb flash drive in the figure above, it will tell you which errors have been repaired.

  Then go to see if the portable recover data from dell laptop hard drive hard disk is normal. The portable hard disk in my computer also shows the capacity bar.

  Option recover data from dropped external hard drive 2: If the logical bad sectors are not repaired successfully, and still can't be formatted, you can recover data from dropped hard drive seagate try to use the system's built-in command formatting function.

  Similarly, open the start button, recover data from encrypted external hard drive click run, enter cmd and click OK.

  Enter the command in the pop-up dos window: format f: /fs:fat32 recover data from encrypted hard drive mac Pay attention to the space in the middle, press the Enter key to execute the command.In the command, recover data from encrypted hard drive mcafee f: refers to the drive letter of your mobile hard drive, pay attention to what drive you have, fill recover data from encrypted hard drive truecrypt in it, such as G, H.

  Then the system will format the mobile hard disk, and it will return a message recover data from erased hard drive mac if it succeeds.Then unplug and reinsert the mobile hard drive to see if the formatting is recover data from external drive not recognized successful.

  Solution 3: Use third-party tools to perform low-level formatting, commonly used USBOOT and recover data from external drive not spinning Mformat

  Open this site directly after downloading, and then select your mobile hard disk, be careful recover data from external hard disk crash not to select your computer hard disk, click on the following select working mode, select as,

  "Reset recover data from external hard disk free parameters with 0" or "Reset parameters with 1" and then click the red start button, and wait for recover data from external hard disk mac the formatting to complete.

  After resetting the parameters, format to see if it can be successful, recover data from external hard disk software if not, open the software again and select HDD mode in the working mode position

  Then click recover data from external hard drive corrupted start, wait for completion, format the mobile hard disk again, this time usually succeeds.

  The other recover data from external hard drive florid a Mformat tool is used in the same way, which is also a low-level formatting method. After opening it, recover data from external hard drive linux insert the mobile hard disk. After selecting it, click Start. Be careful not to select your local recover data from external hard drive nashville hard disk.

  Solution four, physical bad track repair software

  If the above logical bad sector repair recover data from external hard drive raw tool can't solve the problem of format failure, then we have to consider the physical bad sector, recover data from external hard drive reddit which will also cause the mobile hard disk to fail to format. Generally, the mass production network recover data from external hard drive ubuntu recommends the diskgenius tool, which can perform a comprehensive scan. Move the bad sectors of the recover data from external hard drive wd hard disk and repair the bad sectors.

  After opening the software, select your mobile hard disk recover data from external toshiba usb drive drive letter in the left window, don't make a mistake, then find the hard disk option at the top, click recover data from external usb hard drive Bad Sector Detection and Repair.

  In the pop-up window, just default directly, click below to recover data from failed apple hard drive start detection.

  Then there is a long wait. The larger the hard disk, the longer the detection time. recover data from failed encrypted hard drive At this time, you can do other things and leave it alone. After the detection is complete, click recover data from failed external hard drive directly to try to repair. At this time, if there are fewer bad sectors, the repair time will be It is recover data from failed hard drive reddit also very short. If there are too many, it will take a long time to repair. Therefore, the entire recover data from failed internal hard drive process of repairing bad sectors will take a lot of time. It is recommended to use an unused computer recover data from failed laptop hard drive to do this.

  In addition, if there are still some bad sectors that can't be repaired at the end, recover data from failed mac hard drive we can record the number of sectors of bad sectors, and then not allocate these sectors to partitions, recover data from failed usb flash drive so that we can avoid bad sectors.

  After the repair is successful, we can format the mobile hard recover data from failing hard drive reddit disk. If we need to isolate bad sectors, we need to partition and format manually, which can be done recover data from failing usb drive recuv a in diskgenius, very powerful software.

  At this point, we have carried out a complete repair process recover data from faulty external hard drive for the problem that the mobile hard disk can't be formatted from shallow to deep. Basically, the recover data from faulty laptop hard drive problems encountered can be solved by the above solutions. It is currently a relatively complete recover data from formatted external hard disk tutorial.