Lexar Huirong external hard drive prompts please insert the disk to solve the repair method[Win11 Solutions]

22 2021-08-23 17:40

  A Lexar S23 external hard drive is broken. The specific symptom is that there is no display after usb flash drive recover 0 size inserting the computer or there is a prompt to insert the disk. When the external hard drive is usb flash drive recover lost space disassembled, it is found that the circuit board is relatively thin, plus a plastic shell with a push-pull usb flash drive recovery 32gb only structure. Problems are prone to occur during use, and mass production tools can't be successfully usb flash drive recovery emergency disk mass-produced, indicating that there is a problem with the external hard drive hardware. Such a usb flash drive recovery for repairing thin circuit board is judged to be a problem caused by poor contact caused by the main control or flash usb flash drive recovery free download memory desoldering.

  So the solution is:

  After disassembling and checking the external hard drive usb flash drive recovery free software board carefully, it was found that a corner of the flash memory has been separated from the circuit usb flash drive recovery freeware download board. It is obvious that the flash BGA solder joints have been opened, so I injected the flux and usb flash drive recovery freeware mac soldered it first, but there is no effect. The fault remains.I had to remove the flash memory from usb flash drive recovery mac free the main control board and re-ball it with steel mesh (I don't like to use solder paste, because the usb flash drive recovery software download solder balls are seriously small after the solder paste is planted. Although the cost is low, it usb flash drive recovery software mac is not durable) and then soldered to the main control again. On the board, the external drive is usb flash drive recovery tool cnet recognized by plugging it into the computer again, and the data in the external drive is still there, usb flash drive recovery tool free quickly copy the data inside and back it up just in case.

  I thought it had been repaired successfully, usb flash drive recovery windows 10 but plugged the external hard drive into USB3.0 interface found that the external hard drive can' usb flash drive recovery windows 7 t run normally in 3.In 0 mode, just like a normal USB2.The same as the external hard drive with 0 usb flash drive recovery windows 8 interface, what does it mean.Because of USB3.0 has an interface ratio of 2.The 0 interface has 5 more usb flash drive repair software free contacts, indicating that there is a problem with the contacts responsible for the usb3. After measuring usb flash drive repair windows 10 these contacts with the diode file of a multimeter, it is found that there is an electric shock, usb flash memory data recovery software both positive and negative are only 0.The turn-on voltage of 131V, but the normal contact next to usb flash memory recovery programs скачать it has different turn-on voltages in the forward and reverse directions, which is obviously abnormal.And usb flash recovery software free download there is no other component between this contact and the main control, but it passes through the usb flashdrive data recovery 5 1 main control. The main control is soldered once, and the problem remains the same. Obviously because usb folder recovery software free download this pin has been damaged, it can't operate normally.0 mode.

  There are two options at this time. usb for winows 10 tablet recovery One is to replace the main control chip of the same model or the main control board of the same usb format from chrome recovery utility model, so that the original data can be retained without mass production; the second is to solder down usb format from chromebook recovery utility the genuine flash memory of the NW544 and discard the original main control. Board, replace it with usb format recovery software free download another main control board, prefer Huirong's same series main control, such as SM3267 and other usb hard disk data recovery software models, prefer the normal version for the version, so that it is easy to match the shell.

  Consider usb hard drive data recovery software deciding to choose option two, replace the flash memory with another general-purpose SM3267 main control usb hard drive recovery serial key board, and the finished product after the replacement is as follows:

  I originally thought that usb hard drive recovery software free the SM3267 main control is very similar to the original SM3261 (the pin definitions seem to be the usb internal hard drive recovery cable same), and can be used directly without re-production.But after replacing it, I found out that mass usb iso image for password recovery production is impossible. Fortunately, I have backed up all the data on the external hard drive before, usb keyboard not working system recovery otherwise it will be unavoidable to desolder.

  Mass production directly uses the latest version usb keyboard not working windows recovery of the mass production tool to mass produce. The positive film is the positive film. The bad block usb keyboard system recovery windows 7 has not increased after several years, and it is still very small.

  The test results of the external usb linux to recover windows files drive after successful mass production after replacing the main control board are as follows:

  You usb mass storage device data recovery can see that the MLC flash memory has a smooth reading and writing curve, and this is a USB CDROM usb mass storage device recovery software that has been mass-produced, and a 3-zone 3-start boot disk has been made, and all the original files usb memory bar usb device recovery have been copied back to the results of the future test. external hard drive is available There is usb memory card data recovery software only about 1 space left.About 2G, the speed of testing is even better if the disk is empty.

  Read usb memory stick data recovery software about 140, write about 40.4K performance is much better than ordinary external drives, so this external usb memory stick file recovery software drive is worth saving, and it is also worth changing to another board to continue using.

  If your usb memory stick recovery software freeware external hard drive is not recognized by the computer, the external hard drive prompts you to insert usb my cloud recovery time machine the disk, and the mass production tool can't repair it. If the motherboard board is relatively usb nand flash disk usb device thin, you can consider whether it is soldered or not. Use this method to solve it.