Let External external hard drive WINFI wireless data sharing IPAD[Win11 Solutions]

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  The PC is too far away, can I use WiFi to access the remote storage device.The storage space of totally free recovery software usb flash mobile phones and tablets is too small. Can you directly play movies in the mobile hard disk wirelessly.So transcend external hard drive data recovery mobile hard drives with wireless capabilities provide this convenience.However, there are few transcend external hard drive recovery software such products on the market at present, not to mention the high price, and the small capacity.Since transcend usb flash drive data recovery the manufacturer is not strong, then do it yourself.

  Introduction to wireless application solutions

  The transcend usb flash drive online recovery solution that the author adopts is relatively simple, refresh the firmware of the wireless transcend usb flash drive recovery tool router to support file sharing methods such as FTP/Samba/UPnP, and plug the mobile hard disk into the transcend usb stick online recovery tool USB interface of the wireless router, so that the remote PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc. can be used transfer dell recovery to new harddrive Access this mobile hard disk via WiFi, watch the movies, photos or play music directly in it, and transfer hp recovery disk to usb process documents.

  I bought the Alcatel RG100A-AA wireless router on Taobao. Although the price is transfer lenovo recovery disk to usb only tens of yuan, the hardware configuration is not low, especially third-party firmware such as DD- transfer recovery disk to external drive Wrt and Open-WRT can be flashed. A small Linux server.Many Taobao sellers provide router flashing transfer windows recovery disk to usb services, so I asked the sellers to install DD-WRT-the most popular Drembox, which has a Chinese interface tricks to recover failed hard drive and rich functions. After buying it, set it up a bit and insert the 500GB mobile hard drive into troubleshooting after usb recovery windows 10 the RG100A- AA USB interface can be used.

  Application function after brushing

  After logging troubleshooting after windows 10 usb recovery into the DD-WRT interface of the wireless router, you can find many services in "Start→Management trying to recover chrome by usb Interface→Disk Application" (Figure 1).

  Start→Management Interface→Disk Application

  Among them, vsftpd trying to recover usb data characters is the ftp service, which allows the computer to access the mobile hard disk inserted in the turn usb recovery drive into iso wireless router by ftp; and nfsd is the NFS service, which allows multiple devices to access the mobile ubs windows 10 to recovery usb hard disk; the network share is the Samba service, which allows the Windows system to be online Open ubuntu 18 04 hard drive recovery the wireless mobile hard disk in the neighbor way; and UPnP/AV media is a uShare service, which ubuntu live usb to retrieve files provides a streaming media server for sharing pictures, music, and videos, and can be used by PCs, ubuntu recover data from hard drive Internet TVs and high-definition players that support UPnP.

  These functions provide help for the wireless ubuntu recover data from usb drive use of mobile hard drives.For PC users, you can directly use FTP, NFS, and wirelessly access the ubuntu recover data from usb stick mobile hard disk in the "Network Neighborhood".If you want to view the multimedia files in the mobile ubuntu recover deleted files from usb hard disk, in addition to "Network Neighborhood", you can also use GeexBox or XBMC media center ubuntu recover deleted files usb stick to use UPnP/AV media to play video and audio.Because DD-WRT supports BT and eMule downloads, the mobile ubuntu recover files damaged hard drive hard disk can also be used as the storage space of the offline downloader.

  Use iPad to watch ubuntu recover files from external hdd movies and documents wirelessly

  Many users like to use iPad to watch movies, but the storage space ubuntu recover files from hard drive of iPad is limited after all, so you can watch movies in mobile hard disk through WiFi.

  Install the ubuntu recovery mode mount usb drive AcePlayer APP in the iPad. It is a full-featured audio and video player that can play any format. ubuntu recovery mode move.files onto usb You can open audio and video files wirelessly from the mobile hard disk via FTP/Samba/UPnP, etc. (Figure ubuntu tools to recover hard drive 2), or download files, and also Built-in photo browser.If you want to read documents, you can uefi usb acronis backup recovery 11 install TIOD APP, which provides reading functions for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and TXT documents.

  Open uefi windows 8 recovery disk usb audio and video files wirelessly from the mobile hard disk

  What about Android?There is also a ultimate boot cd data recovery usb choice.For example, AndSMB, SMB File Sharing, AndFTP, virtual data cable, etc., these kinds of apps unable to recover windows 10 usb can be found in a pea pod.