Start the installation of the original Win11 system tutorial through the HDD of the external hard driveWin11 installation version[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-23 16:50

  This article is about installing the original WIN7 system, which is the installed version, the file windows 10 boot from usb recovery drive format is ISO.After the installation, you need to install the corresponding driver yourself, which windows 10 bootable usb for file recovery is relatively pure. USB home

  One external hard drive, external hard drive boot disk creation windows 10 cannot create recovery drive usb tool-Master U external hard drive boot disk creation tool, original WIN7 system

  Second, the operation windows 10 cannot create usb recovery drive steps USB home

  1.Insert the external drive that has been made into the bootable external drive into windows 10 cannot recover hard drive space the computer, start the computer from the external drive, enter the selection menu, and select [12 windows 10 clean install from recovery usb ], as shown in the figure: Home of the external drive

  2.Select [01] in the next interface, and then windows 10 copy files to recovery usb the system will boot into winpe, as shown in the figure: Home of external hard drive

  Method two, windows 10 copy recovery partition to usb the home of USB

  1.Decompress the downloaded ISO image file of WIN7 with WinRAR, extract all the windows 10 create a recovery drive usb files to the root directory of the external hard drive, and rename the file named bootmgr to win7mgr. windows 10 create a usb recovery drive

  2.Set the computer to boot from the external hard drive, plug in the external hard drive to start windows 10 create recovery usb from iso the computer, enter the selection menu interface, select [12], and then select [2] in the next windows 10 create recovery usb not working interface to enter WINPE to install Win7

  The subsequent operation and interface are the same, as shown windows 10 dead laptop hard drive recovery in the following steps

  3.Open "Computer", find the prepared original WIN7 system, right-click the windows 10 home os recovery 64bit usb system file, and select "Load ImDisk Virtual Disk"

  4.After entering the WINPE interface, windows 10 how to create recovery usb double-click to run "windows installation", select the second option, and click the "browse" button to find windows 10 hp recovery usb not working install in the sources directory under the virtual disk.wim

  5.After selecting the system windows 10 install from recovery usb stalled installation directory, click the two buttons on the left, which may pop up a dialog box that needs to windows 10 intel i7 recovery usb laptop format the partition, click "Yes" and "Start" to format

  Start the installation of the original Win7 windows 10 laptop external device data recovery system tutorial through the HDD of the external hard drive: