How to fix Xinchuang SSS6690 master Toshiba Flash plugs into USB and displays 0 bytes[Win11 Solutions]

21 2021-08-23 16:40

  A few days ago, my friend gave me a Kingston retractable external drive, and said it was broken, recover thunderbird address from old hard drive but didn't say anything about it. Let me take a look at it when I have time.

  I have time today, so recover thunderbird email from old hard drive I tried to fix it.

  At first, I plugged in the USB port, but there was no response at all, I recover ubuntu files from old hard drive thought-this time it's boring.!

  Later, I changed several USB ports on the back of the machine, and some recover usb drive files hidden by virus ports actually responded, prompting that new hardware was found, but there was no drive letter, and recover usb drive files when formatted raw there was no green arrow to "safely remove hardware".

  It seems to be saved~

  1.The first thing to recover usb drive items formatted and encrypted do is to solve the problem of no drive letter!

  I disassembled the external hard drive and saw that recover usb drive space from chrome os the main control is sss6690, and the flash is from Toshiba. First, I downloaded SafeErase on the recover usb drive when it is unreadable Internet. This software is used to clear the Flash. Then I found a needle for sewing clothes. It should recover usb drivwe that was quick formatted not be too thin, but a slightly thicker needle. First, short the 29 and 30 pins of the flash.

  Then recover usb external hard drive win 10 insert the external hard drive into the USB port, and the system prompts "Found New Hardware", recover usb memory stick windows 8 1 and then a new drive letter will be added, loosen the shorted pin, run the SafeErase software, first recover user files from hard drive windows click on the SafeErase button to clear the flash, and when finished, Then click Erase All to clear recover user files from harddrive require admin all.After this step is completed, plug and unplug the external hard drive again. If nothing happens, recover video deleted video files off harddrive the drive letter should be displayed normally~~

  It's just that it can't be used now. When double-clicking recover video files from formatted hard drive the drive letter, it still prompts "Please insert the disk".

  2.Mass production external recover video files from hard drive free hard drive

  After the external drive is recognized normally, it can be mass-produced, go to download recover videos off a wiped hard drive this SSS6690_SK6211_FlashSort_MP_6690_V4.021 Xinchuang external hard drive Mass Production Repair recover wd external hard drive not recognized Tool Software

  This is the back view~

  After running the software, the software can recognize the recover wifi password from external hard drive external drive normally. In order to save trouble, just click "Start" to save everything. After the recover windows 10 files hard drive bootable mass production is completed, click the "Exit" of the software to close the software, and the repair recover windows 10 from bad hard drive work is basically completed here.!~~~

  Finally, unplug and plug the external drive again, the system recover windows 10 from external hard drive prompts "Found New Hardware", after the prompt, double-click the external drive letter to copy the recover windows 10 from usb wont boot files, it is normal.hehe

  The speed is not ideal..You can't buy this kind of external drive.I'm so recover windows 10 key broken hard drive anxious to copy something.