How to make a cdlinux external hard drive boot tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-23 16:10

  Everyone should know about cdlinux, but it's not that simple to make a USB boot disk for cdlinux, how to recover dead usb drive but it's not complicated. Follow the tutorial below and you will be successful soon. The software how to recover defective hard drive involved can be downloaded from this site. Free version.

  First, click on the name to download UltraISO how to recover deleted from usb and open UltraISO, insert the external drive, and back up the external drive to the computer.Then how to recover deleted hard drive follow the general method of making the system external hard drive boot to make it.Just operate as how to recover deleted usb partition shown:

  Second, click the name to download grub4dos and open grub4dos, and add grldr and grub in the how to recover dell hard drive middle.exe, menu.Copy the three files of lst to the external hard drive.

  Third, go to the official how to recover encrypted hard drive website to download CDLinux and unzip and copy it to the external hard drive.

  Open the external how to recover erased hard drive hard drive-CDLinux-copy splash.xpm.gz-Paste into the external hard drive directory.

  Fourth, click how to recover external hard disc the name to download grubinst_gui2 and open, open the grubinstGui2 inside.exe, how to recover external hard disk then select the medium as external hard drive.

  Then set to install grldr (as shown in the figure), how to recover external hard drive the advanced settings are as follows, and then execute, press enter in the dos window.That's it

  Fifth, how to recover failed hard drive modify the menu.lst, open the external hard drive-open the menu.lst (notepad is fine, requires how to recover failed usb drive administrator privileges)-and then

  title start Cdlinux

  find --set-root /CDlinux/bzImage

  kernel how to recover faulty hard drive /CDlinux/bzImage CDL_DEV=LABEL=CDLINUX CDL_LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8

  initrd /CDlinux/initrd

  Just copy the how to recover files corrupted usb location as shown in the figure-save and exit.

  It is recommended to copy the above to a new notepad how to recover files from esdusb (text document) first, see if there is any space, if there is, delete it first, and then copy it how to recover files from usb to the menu.lst.

  Say, CDLINUX in LABEL=CDLINUX is the drive letter volume label, modify it according how to recover formatted external drive to your own drive letter volume label, don't understand the explanation below.The other CDlinux how to recover formatted hard drive all represent the CDlinux folder under the external hard drive.

  Sixth, at this time, the external how to recover formatted usb files hard drive should have the following screen. Restart the computer and enter the boot setting to start how to recover full usb space with the external drive, and then see the CDLinux screen, as follows, not bad.Then you can do what how to recover hard disk drive you know, don't understand how I hacked wifi JC foolishly

  The above is all the tutorials for making how to recover hard disk drivers cdlinux external hard drive booting. It is not complicated. The main thing is to pay attention to how to recover hard drive externally the faster speed of the external hard drive itself, which will increase the decryption wifi speed.