Kingston Kingston external hard drive mass production as a CDROM tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-23 15:00

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  For a long time, due to the lack of mass production tools and compatibility recover images from hard drive free issues, this external drive has been controversial in mass production. Most people think that this recover imail from old hard drive kind of external drive can't be produced as a CDROM device. Combined with the experience of other recover info from bad hard drive successful mass production masters and several hours of in-depth exploration, a satisfactory result recover info from broken hard drive was finally obtained. It is certain that the Kingston external hard drive (SSS6690SK6211) can be recover info from broken usb stick mass-produced as a CDROM (this tutorial focuses on 2G external hard drive mass production, I believe recover info from laptop hard drive this is also the small-capacity garbage left by many people at present, it is a pity to throw it away) recover info on a deleted usb .Special reminder: When purchasing KST external hard drive, in addition to self-identification of the recover information from bad hard drive authenticity of the external hard drive, you must also see whether the steel slogan on the metal recover information from damaged hard drive socket of the external hard drive is the steel stamp of (most of the SK6211 masters belong to this recover information from usb stick free type of steel stamp). If so, please rest assured to buy.At present, 3S company has launched the 3S6691 recover information from wiped hard drive main control chip that can be mass-produced as CDROM, but its steel slogan is .The steel grade is recover it formatted external hard drive basically the same as that of 3S6690, I hope everyone pays attention to it when buying.

  The tools I recover itunes after hard drive crash use are SK6211__BA (this is dedicated to repair when mass production fails) and SK6211__BA (this is recover itunes backup from hard drive used during mass production).

  Download SK6211__BA

  Download SK6211__BA

  These two tools must be recover itunes library from hard drive prepared. Although the interface of the two is basically the same except for the difference between recover itunes library hard drive crash Chinese and English, the English version is suitable for repairing the external drive when mass recover itunes music from hard drive production fails or errors, while the Chinese version is repairing It's relatively inferior in terms of recover itunes playlist from hard drive reading (reading errors are often prompted), but it is much more stable than the English version in recover jpeg files from hard drive mass production.

  Okay, we will start working when we are basically ready.

  First of all, my recover keys from external hard drive external hard drive chip is displayed as:

  Next, we format the external hard drive (the process is ignored recover laptop hard drive access denied here) to determine the capacity of the external hard drive.

  Then we use SK6211__BA to mass recover laptop hard drive data adapter produce the external hard drive:

  Run the tool (see the icon clearly)

  The operation interface appears recover lenovo laptop through a usb (hehe, the Chinese version is very intuitive and easy to understand)

  This must be the case to recover lenovo on new hard drive mass-produce the external hard drive.

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