Super Sonic 30USB30 32GB external hard drive Evaluation[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-23 12:20

  USB3.0 Storage products are highly praised by users for their super-high-speed transmission effect bootable usb linux to recover files and stability. Among them, USB3.Since the launch of the 0-interface external drive, some users have bootable usb password recovery windows 7 experienced the storage experience brought by the ultra-high-speed external drive in advance.Although bootable usb recover data corrupt os Intel has previously claimed that it will not truly support USB3 in the true sense until 2012.0 bootable usb recovery disk windows 7 specification, but with the needs of the market and users, USB3 provided by third-party chip bootable usb recovery disk windows xp manufacturers.0The chipset solution is to let USB3 in advance.0 storage users tasted the sweetness. USB bootable usb recovery drive windows 10 home

  As a storage necessity in people's daily life, external hard drive is accompanied by a variety of bootable usb recovery drive windows 7 unique designs and USB3, which is more powerful in data transmission speed.0Technical support, will bootable usb recovery mac mini osx get rapid development and popularization this year.Of course, we also have to admit that when the bootable usb to recover windows 10 new technology has not yet become popular, USB3.The price of the 0 interface external hard drive is bootable usb windows 10 recovery download definitely higher than that of ordinary USB2.0 products are expensive.However, from the perspective bootable usb windows 10 recovery image of market development, USB3.0Storage will definitely eliminate some traditional slow storage products bootable usb windows 7 recovery disk with ultra-high transmission speeds.

  Note: This evaluation data is personally tested by the bootable usb windows 8 1 recovery external hard drive Home, and sold through the external hard drive Home Taobao store. Please rest assured bootable windows 7 recovery usb drive to buy. USB home

  Performance description

  Super Sonic 3.0)USB3.0

  USB3: 127M/S, USB2: 36M/S

   bootable windows xp recovery console usb USB3: 83/S, USB2: 26M/S

  Can mass production

  No energy production

  As a well-known storage product booting my recovery partition from usb manufacturer, Bodi has launched a new "supersonic" USB3.0 external hard drive, using the original booting windows 10 from recovery usb single-chip USB3.0 control chip, and has four-channel high-efficiency transmission speed and ultra- booting windows 10 with recovery usb thin shell design.At present, we have received USB3 with a capacity of 32G.0 products, (Special bootloop no recovery no usb debugging reminder: At present, Bodi's 3.0 The minimum capacity of the product is 32G, and there are also 64G and bot from usb recovery flashing screen 128G capacities) Next we will conduct a detailed evaluation of the 32G product.

  For USB3.0 For flash boxee box recovery can't find usb drives, there are single-channel, dual-channel, four-channel or even eight-channel.Patriot's broken external hard disk data recovery Supersonic flash drive has found a better balance between the two problems. It uses Quad-Channel technology broken external hard drive recovery free to meet the needs of users with higher performance requirements.

  Super Sonic 3.0)USB3.0 32GB broken external hard drive recovery software front of package

  Super Sonic 3.0)USB3.0 32GB back of the package

  With the introduction of native broken hard drive data recovery cost chip solutions, it can be said that USB3.It's not an exaggeration that the price of flash drives broken hard drive data recovery mac has begun to enter the mainstream, but it's not USB3 that's actually lacking nowadays.0 device, but broken hard drive data recovery service USB3 provided on the PC.0 interface.Desktops generally only have new models launched last year, and broken hard drive data recovery software new motherboards with USB3.0 interface, laptops are rare.Of course, many people also think that 16GB, broken hard drive data recovery uk 32GB or even 64GB storage capacity is too extravagant, because most people still think that a broken hard drive recovery free software Chip-On-Board type 4GB or 8GB flash drive is completely enough. USB home

  In short, in the next year, broken hard drive recovery software free USB3.0 Flash drives are still the first choice for a small number of users. external hard drive Home

broken laptop hard drive data recovery   Currently USB3.0 flash drives compared to USB2.0 The most obvious difference is: the length is broken portable hard drive data recovery longer, the body is larger, and the heat is higher. USB home

  Early USB3.0 Flash disks all adopt bridging broken usb hard drive data recovery scheme: a SATA master is equipped with SATA to USB3.0 chip method, to put it bluntly, is equivalent broken usb memory stick data recovery to a miniature ssd mobile hard disk.The external drive itself can't be too big in size. Obviously, broken usb stick data recovery uk it adopts the USB3 bridge solution.In addition to increasing the complexity of the PCB, the flash buffalo external hard disk drive recovery drive also increases the cost.

  A lot of native USB3 in the second half of last year.0 chips are buffalo external hard disk recovery software released, the most typical of which is the VL750 chip of VIA Labs under VIA.This chip can provide buffalo external hard drive data recovery four-way reading and writing, and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 specification, USB 2.Up build recover usb mac os x to 35MB/s transmission speed in 0 mode.Can control up to 32 flash memory particles, load balancing build windows essentials server recovery usb wear leveling technology (Wear Leveling) can extend the life of flash memory, support ECC error burn encryption recovery iso to usb checking.But it's hard to say whether this chip can support trim.