How to install winpe into the external hard drive for emergency system tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

14 2021-08-23 12:00

  In the past, only one operating system was installed on the computer. The work was affected by the hard drive data recovery sugar land sudden abnormality of the computer system, and the damage caused by the virus caused heavy losses. hard drive data recovery syracuse ny Therefore, in order to avoid the loss again, I did the winpe hard disk version tutorial. All methods hard drive data recovery tampa fl can realize the coexistence of multiple computer systems.For example, it can be achieved by using hard drive data recovery tool free the BCD boot menu of WIN7. The problem with this method is: once the WIN7 system disk has a problem, hard drive data recovery tools freeware multiple systems can't be started.Therefore, I recommend to modify the hard disk boot record (such hard drive data recovery tools hardware as: "1JF9Z/1JF9K" boot mode) to achieve independent startup of multiple systems. The advantage of this hard drive data recovery tulsa ok method is that the systems of each partition are completely independent of each other and do not hard drive data recovery uk cost affect each other. , Even if a system partition is formatted, it will not affect the startup of other hard drive data recovery uk reviews system partitions.

  It is a good choice to install the all-powerful PE into the hard disk. Once the hard drive data recovery under 500 WINDOWS operating system goes wrong, we still have a straw to save lives.Use PERAM system to work, hard drive data recovery usb adapter entertain, surf the Internet and maintain your WINDOWS operating system in emergency.

  Important hard drive data recovery usb cable note: Modifying the hard disk boot record and partition table data is very dangerous. If you make a hard drive data recovery vancouver bc mistake in the operation, the entire hard disk data will be lost, so you should back up the data and hard drive data recovery venice fl the hard disk partition table data before modifying it in case of emergency.

  one. Disk preparation:

  1.Back hard drive data recovery virginia beach up your important data, as well as the disk partition table, so that you can restore the hard drive data recovery washington dc data in time when editing errors to avoid loss.

  2.First use "Paragon Partition Manager 9.0" The hard drive data recovery west london lossless partition software adjusts the partition of the hard disk, leaving a separate partition at the hard drive data recovery windows 7 end of the hard disk, and adjust the partition size and capacity according to your own needs. If hard drive date recovery software free it is only used to install the PE system, about 5G is enough.

  3. Use "Paragon Partition Manager 9.0 hard drive deep data recovery service " or "DiskGenius" convert the partition into a primary partition (as shown in the figure "Mini OS C: hard drive deleted file recovery free ".Since the computer is the hard disk to start the PE at this time, the system recognizes the disk hard drive deleted file recovery reddit where the PE is located as the C drive.

  4. Format the previously prepared partition, and copy the hard drive deleted file recovery software PE to the partition as shown in picture 2

  two. Establish a dual-system disk boot menu:

hard drive diagnostic and recovery hardware   1.Start the BOOTICE software and find your internal hard drive, such as HD0:320G hard drive.As shown hard drive died minecraft recover dat a in Figure 3.

  2.Click "Master Boot Record" to pop up the screen shown in Figure 4.

  3.Select the hard drive disaster recovery service irvine disk boot type as "1JF9Z/1JF9K" and click "Install Configuration", the screen shown in Figure 5 hard drive disk recover deleted files will pop up.

  4.After selecting the menu waiting time and display mode "text mode", edit the text hard drive docking station data recovery content to be displayed: F12 to MINI System

  5.Fill in the password that needs to be entered when hard drive drive data recovery costs starting: (If you don't need a password, you can clear it)

  6.Select the "Select function key: F12" when hard drive encryption with recovery key starting the emergency system, and the auxiliary system hotkey (if the hard disk has only one hard drive error recovery system bad operating system besides PE, the auxiliary system hotkey may not be set).

  7.Choose to use the primary hard drive failure data recovery service partition as the rescue system partition (in preparation: the disk where the PE is located has been hard drive failure no recovery disk converted to the primary partition) and then click "write to disk", a successful prompt will pop up. hard drive failure recover picture files

  8.Click the cancel button to return to the screen shown in Figure 3.

  9.Click "Partition Boot hard drive failure recovery directory permissions Record" will pop up the screen shown in Figure 6.

  10.Primary partition 0 is the first primary partition hard drive failure recovery software free of the system. I installed WIN7, so I don't need to change it, just click the "Cancel" button to hard drive failure windows 10 recovery exit; if the system is installed with XP, select the NTLDR boot program and click "Install/Configure" hard drive failure windows 7 recovery "Button.

  11.Select primary partition 2 (the disk where the PE is located), and click "install/configure" hard drive file recovery free mac to pop up the boot file renaming window on the right side of Figure 7.Since we did not hard drive file recovery gainesville florid a change the name of the boot file BOOTMGR, there is no need to change the name of the boot file here. The hard drive file recovery software free default is BOOTMGR.After directly click OK, the computer will pop up a success prompt.

  12.So far, hard drive file recovery software mac we have modified the computer to a dual-system independent startup mode of operation.

  When booting hard drive file recovery software reviews up, the computer will prompt "F12 to MINI System" and display for 3 seconds.At this time, if the hard drive file system recovery software F12 function key is not pressed, the computer will automatically start the original WINDOWS operating hard drive forensics data recovery equipment system; if the F12 function key is pressed within 3 seconds, the computer will automatically start hard drive formatted by tv recovery the PE-RAM operating system.

  With reference to this method, function keys can be used to achieve hard drive free data recovery software complete independent startup of multiple systems.

  Supplementary note:

  1. If you want the emergency hard drive full capacity crash recovery operating system partition to be invisible in the WINDOWS operating system, there are two ways to hard drive got burnt recovering files achieve it: a. Use WINDOWS "Administrative Tools"-->"Computer Management"-->"Disk Management", select hard drive has 2 recovery partitions the emergency system drive, right click --> select "Change Drive Letter"."-->Select "Delete".b. hard drive has two recovery partitions Use "Disk Genius v3.5.0", after selecting the emergency system drive, right click --> click "Hide hard drive head crash data recovery Current Partition" --> click the "Save Changes" button in the upper left corner.

  2. In the recommended hard drive interferometry for data recovery PE emergency RAM system, for the safety of the computer, the partition where WINDOWS is located is hard drive labs data recovery reviews automatically hidden after the system is started. If you want to view the contents of the partition, hard drive letter command line recovery use the menu "Disk Utility" --> "Show all partitions" to restore Hidden partition display.

  The hard drive logical failure recovery software software mentioned above can be downloaded by searching on this site.