The most convenient way for UltraISO to make external hard drive boot install system disk and for how to set BIOS to boot from external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

41 2021-08-23 11:30

  The following introduces an ultra-simple method for making a bootable external drive. Everyone will recovering deleted images from a usb know how to make it. All you need is a small software (UltraISO).You can also make a bootable GHOST recovering deleted usb files without program CD image file that you usually download from the Internet, or a WINPE CD.

  1. First, after downloading recovering erased data from hard drive the software, unzip it, run it directly, and click the open button, as shown in the figure:

   recovering erased data off hard drive 2. Find the GHOST CD image file or WINPE CD that you have prepared, either

  3. After selecting, click recovering erased files from hard drive to open, so that the CD image is loaded into the software, select the write hard disk image in the recovering external usb hard drive dat a boot CD menu.

  4. In this way, the hard disk image information will pop up. Here, it is worth recovering file from formatted hard drive noting that if it is the hard disk drive selection and writing method, after selecting the hard disk recovering files from a macbook harddrive drive, select the writing method, if you want to start the created external hard drive If the disk recovering files from dead usb drive compatibility is better, it is recommended to select the USB-ZIP mode.

  5. In this way, a formatting recovering files from dead usb harddrive prompt pops up, of course we have to choose yes.

  6. After the selection is completed, start writing recovering files from failing hard drive directly to the external hard drive.

  After writing and making, it will display the prompt of recovering files from flash drive usb successful burning, we click to return and it will be OK. How, this external hard drive boot disk is recovering files from formatting a usb burned like this, convenient and simple.!

  The remaining work is to enter the BIOS, adjust the external recovering files from hard drive laptop hard drive to the first disk, first boot, and then use the external hard drive to perform related recovering files from hard drive permissions work.

  The following is our most critical step. Set the external hard drive to boot first. If this recovering files from internal hard drive step is not possible, it is equivalent to abandoning all previous efforts.!

  First, insert the recovering files from raw hard drive bootable external hard drive you have made into your computer, and then enter the BIOS to adjust the first recovering files from usb using cmd boot sequence. Because of the different motherboards, the BIOS is somewhat different. In the past, recovering files from wiped hard drive when the system was installed with a CD, the startup item must be adjusted as The CD-ROM drive recovering files on external hard drive starts, and now we are going to install the system with a external drive, so we need to adjust it to recovering files on mac hard drive start with a external drive.

  Below we give examples of two different bios adjustment methods.

  1. recovering firefox bookmark from hard drive Press DEL to enter BIOS, enter the boot tab, select "hard disk drives"

  Adjust "1st drive" to your recovering firefox bookmarks from hard drive external hard drive, as shown in the figure

  If the display is not your external hard drive, you can recovering from a crashed hard drive press Enter to select and adjust

  After the adjustment is complete, go back and enter the "Boot recovering from a failed usb drive device prinrity" tab, and adjust the first boot to your external hard drive

  Finally, press F10 to recovering gold from hard drive armature save, you can start

  2. Enter the BIOS, first adjust the first boot to First boot device to: USB-HDD, recovering hard drive data from mac and then select the "Hard disk boot prierity" option

  Adjust your external drive as the first recovering hard drive data laptop noise drive.Finally press F10 to bless you to exit.

  It can be seen that the above bios options are all recovering hard drive date from mac different. The two main ones that are common on the market. The adjusted options are all for one purpose: recovering hard drive from broken computer set the computer's startup item to boot from the USB device, so that it can be from the external recovering hard drive from broken laptop hard drive. The effect of starting the computer.