Bodi LX series 600speed CF card evaluation[Win11 Solutions]

22 2021-08-23 11:10

  It is because of the CF card that they love.

  Photographers always strive for perfection in their people uou can recover data from external hardrive equipment. For a professional photographer, improving the shooting speed and shortening the data personal data recovery portable hard drive western digital download time are almost all the demands of an excellent flash memory card.Last year, SanDisk's Ducati phone data recovery broken screen no usb debugging CF card dared to mark the speed of 45MB/S on the package, which seemed very attractive at the time. pin not working windows 10 startup usb recovery But as the 600X CF card becomes more and more popular, the previous speed seems to have become a please remove all external devices to begin recovery cloud.What I recommend to you today is a 16GB 600X CF card sent by Bodi for testing, and it is printed plug in hard drive only folder is recovery with a speed of 90MB/S on the package.

  ● Bodi LX 600X 16GB CF card

  Bodi LX 600X 16GB CF card portable hard drive recovery software for dead drive packaging USB home

  The outer packaging of Bodi CF card is all black, just like high-end motherboards portable hard drive recovery software free download bootable are all black PCB boards, it looks very professional.From the packaging, we can also know that the portable internal hard drive recovery software free download CF card supports USMA 6 mode, so the theoretical speed can reach 90MB/S.

  Bodi LX 600X 16GB CF card pqi usb 3 0 flash drives recovery tool packaging

  Bodi LX 600X 16GB CF card close-up

  Bodi LX series CF card adopts 4-channel design, with price to recover data from a hard drive data intelligent management and transfer function.Especially the writing speed can give play to the problems recovering data from other compuer hard drive maximum throughput of the interface of the external device.

  Bodi LX 600X 16GB CF Card Interface process for creating an external macos recovery volume external hard drive Home

  In terms of functionality and durability design, this LX series CF card professional hard drive and flash data recovery services is a standard CF card port design, supports UDMA 6 specifications, and the maximum data throughput professional hard drive recovery specialist in pittsburgh p a can reach 90MB/S.

  Bodi LX series 600-speed CF card evaluation: