The perfect solution[Win11 Solutions]

14 2021-08-23 11:00

  The thing is like this: an Acer v5-571p notebook hard drive is broken, and the hard drive is safe365 external hard drive data recovery installed. This computer only has 2G of memory, which is too slow, but the customer requires a win8 system, safe365 external hard drive recovery key then install it.

  After using the external hard drive to enter the PE, use the diskgenius software salt lake city hard drive recovery to partition the new hard disk. Usually, whether it is win7, xp or win8, we use the MBR partition samsung data recovery without usb debugging format to partition the hard disk. The system can be used normally, so I still partition the hard samsung external hard drive data recovery disk in MBR format. , Install the GHOST system of Win8, restart the computer after the installation, samsung external hard drive password recovery and enter the installation system interface, everything is normal.After the system is installed, the samsung external hard drive recovery software system has ghosting and ghosting. I checked it on the Internet and found that there are many cases. samsung external hard drive recovery tool Many of them are driven by the official website.Go to the official website to download the driver samsung hard drive data recovery software and install the same ghost image.I thought it was a WIN8 problem, and then reinstalled win7. The result samsung hard drive data recovery tool was the same. Then I found one that said that the graphics card driver was uninstalled, but the samsung j3 locked recovery data usb graphics card driver must be installed. It can be used after installing the system, it should still samsung recovery solution 5 bootable usb be a problem with the system installation.

  In addition, some people say that restoring the original samsung recovery solution 5 on usb factory default system can also be restored. I found out that the factory default system is the same. samsung recovery solution admin tool usb The only difference is that the partition mode is different. It turns out that new computers now samsung recovery solution new hard drive use UEFI+GPT mode. We used to Commonly used MBR mode may have compatibility problems, and then the samsung s6 usb recover mode debugging problem is solved.

  I repartition the hard drive in GUID format, also called GPT format, and the tool samsung s6 usb recovery mode debugging can still use diskgenius.Automatically allocate a 100M ESP partition.Then still use the ghost san antonio hard drive data recovery software to install the Win8 GHO file to the C drive, reboot into the BIOS and set it to EFI boot mode san diego hard drive recovery photos to start.Restarting can't boot from the hard disk. This is why, the original GPT mode has an ESP boot san jose hard drive data recovery partition. We use ghost to restore to the C drive, but there is no boot file in the ESP partition, sandisk cruzer usb flash drive recovery so it can't boot. The solution is to find it on the mass production network. A uefi boot repair tool sandisk dual usb drive recovery drive (download BCDrepair) is extracted and placed on any partition of the hard disk to run BCDrepair.exe sandisk recover disk generator tool usb automatically repairs the ESP, and the boot file appears on the ESP partition after completion.Reboot sandisk ultra usb 3 0 recovery to boot from the hard disk for automatic system installation.Everything is normal after installation, sandisk ultra usb dead 3.0 recovery and the screen is not spent.

  BCDrepair repair interface

  Many people who encounter this sandisk ultra usb dead retrieve files situation think about the graphics card driver. In fact, the GPT mode is related to the graphics card sandisk usb extreme flash drive recovery driver. The specifics are a bit complicated and not explained here. If you are interested, you can find sandisk usb flash drive data recovery information on the Internet. Anyway, the key question is to compare it now. New laptops are more sandisk usb flash drive online recovery recommended to use UEFI+GPT mode to install the system to reduce the occurrence of problems and avoid sandisk usb flash drive recovery tool wasting time to reinstall the system. For the previous computers that do not support EFI, it is sandisk usb recovery software free download better to use the previous MBR partition.