Make WinPE 3Must know before 0[Win11 Solutions]

15 2021-08-23 10:50

  One, WinPE 3.0Introduction:

  The full name of WINPE is Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows windows 8.1 recovery usb stick erstellen Preinstallation Environment), abbreviated as WINPE, which is based on the Windows personal edition windows 8.1 recovery usb won& 39 kernel system running in protected mode, and can also be understood as a MINI-type OS system, often windows 8.1 usb recovery drive download used for installation, troubleshooting and recovery A kind of tool, almost all basic functions can windows 8.1 usb recovery tool download be realized on WinPE.The latest version is WinPE 3.0.

  Please note that WinPE is not a general-purpose windows 8.1 use usb recovery drive operating system and can't be used for daily work.

  1. WinPE 3.0 Advantages:

  Support NTFS windows 95 recovery disk on usb file system, TCP/IP network, 32-bit/64-bit driver, WIN32 API, various media (DVD/USB.) And so on, and windows automated system recovery disk usb these are what the DOS system lacks or is imperfect.

  2. WinPE 3.0 function:

  a. Format the hard windows data recovery external hard drive disk, partition, install Windows 7, of course, the early WinPE 2.0 can only support the early operating windows disaster recovery usb flash size system, there are still some restrictions on the installation of Windows 7.

  b. Eliminate system windows hard drive data recovery software faults automatically or manually, where automatic means that WinPE can automatically start and run windows hard drive recovery for linux Windows RE (recovery environment).WinRE is the recovery environment that everyone presses F8 to enter windows hard drive recovery tool scan when Windows 7 starts. WinRE is also an extensible recovery platform based on WinPE.

  c. System windows home server 2011 recovery usb recovery. This function is most useful for OEM manufacturers and software vendors (ISV). For example, windows how to system recovery usb if there is a problem with your brand machine, where to get repaired, he may only need to insert a windows move recovery partition to usb CD (external hard drive) , And then two carriage returns can completely rebuild the system.For users, windows password recovery bootable usb download it is generally used as a recovery CD (the function of DIY can be more powerful).

  WINPE structure windows password recovery tool 3.0 usb diagram (two features: limited service and protected mode):

  The WinPE toolkit mainly includes the windows password recovery tool usb download following 10 types, except for the following ones related to WinPE, most of the tools are common windows password recovery tool usb freeware to everyone.

  BCDboot.exe initializes the boot configuration data (BCD) storage, which can copy boot windows password recovery tool usb iso environment files to the system partition during image deployment

  Bootsect.exe updates the main windows password recovery tool usb linux boot sector of the hard disk to replace BOOTMGR and NTLDR.Install Vista or Windows 7 from a lower windows password recovery tool usb mac version of Windows system (XP/2003, etc.), or vice versa (use Bootsect to restore the boot sector on the windows password recovery tool usb vist a computer)

  DiskPart.exe This tool is available on XP SP2/2003/Vista/Windows 7. This tool allows windows password recovery usb boot disk you to use scripts or directly enter commands at the command prompt to manage disks or partitions

  Drvload.exe windows password recovery usb flash drive command line tool for adding brand new drivers to the booted Windows PE image.It will one windows password recovery usb windows 7 or more drivers (.inf file) as input

  Oscdimg.exe command line tool, used to create a customized 3 windows password recovery usb windows 8 2/64 bit version of Windows PE CD image ISO file.

  Dism.exeDISM is the meaning of deployment image windows recover data from hard drive service and management, which can be used to create and modify Windows PE 3.0 or command line tool windows recover deleted files from usb for Windows 7 image

  ImageX.exe command line tool, mainly used by OEM or ISV for rapid deployment, windows recover files from hard drive and can also be used with.wim file with other technologies

  Winpeshl.The default interface of iniWindows windows recover old mac hard drive PE is the command prompt.Customize this to run your own shell application-

  Wpeinit.Command windows recovery 7 usb not working line tool to initialize Windows PE when exe starts.Wpeinit replaces the previous Factory in Windows windows recovery asking to bootable usb XP.The initialization function supported by exe -winpe command-

  Wpeutil.exe command line tool that windows recovery boot external hard drive allows you to run various commands in a Windows PE session

  Three, WinPE construction process:

  1. windows recovery boot password reset usb WinPE 3.0 construction process: first use dism to unpack (load) the WinPE image to the local directory, windows recovery command prompt usb drive then you can customize the WinPE own program package and language package, and then you can add windows recovery disc harddrive format dynaic third-party custom packages (such as automatic running scripts, custom programs) ), and then pack windows recovery disc windows 7 usb (uninstall) back, the intermediate process can be added or skipped according to personal needs.

  2. windows recovery disk usb windows 10 WinPE 3.0 supports the following custom settings:

  a. Add and delete program packages and language windows recovery disk usb windows 7 packs from the base image

  b. Set the Windows PE image target path

  c. Enable or disable file windows recovery disk windows 10 usb tracking

  d. Add third-party drivers and third-party components

  e, add Windows PE update

  f. Add a new windows recovery disk windows 7 usb Windows PE language pack

  g. Customized temporary storage, used to support custom applications, windows recovery doesn't recognize hard drive pay special attention, if you add applications, you may need to increase the temporary storage memory windows recovery drive on a usb space of custom WINPE, because WINPE allocates 32M memory by default

  Four, WinPE production windows recovery drive windows 10 usb preparation:

  1. The operating system must be one of Windows 2003/2008/2008 R2/Vista/Windows 7, among windows recovery environment windows 10 usb which Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 must be marked with at least SP1. In addition, if cross-system windows recovery environment windows 7 usb deployment is required, only 32-bit WinPE vs. x64 ( AMD64) Windows version for cross-system deployment, windows recovery environment windows 8 usb does not support the deployment of 32-bit images from 64-bit WINPE, nor does it support cross-platform windows recovery file erased hard drive deployment of Itanium-based Windows images.

  2. Download and install AIK (Windows Automated windows recovery image usb bit torrent Installation Kit, Windows Automated Installation Kit),

  3. Prepare driver packages (such as the latest windows recovery locked from hard drive ICH, RAID, etc.) and software packages (such as burning tools, partition tools, etc.) that need to windows recovery media 8 1 usb be integrated.

  4. Of course, if you still need to burn into WinPE discs, you also need a CD or DVD windows recovery not detecting hard drive burner.