Master repair faulty external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

40 2021-08-23 10:40

  Master repair faulty external hard drive

  My friend bought a new external drive, and when I used can i recover files from a formatted external hard drive it today, there was always a problem with it.The details are as follows: This external hard drive has can i recover files off of my failed hard drive no name, that is, a miscellaneous brand, and the capacity is 2G. After inserting it into the computer, can i recover my data from an external hard drive it prompts you to insert the disk, but you can't eliminate the fault with the repair and low can i recover my data if i format usb drive format tools.So I thought of mass production repair tools, the details are as follows:

  external hard can i recover my passwords from an old hard drive drive information display:

  PNP device ID: VID=1307 PID=0163

  Device serial number: 5&&B38&&0&& can i recover windows 10 on a dead hard drive 8

  Device version: (The device did not return this information)

  Device type: Standard USB can i recovering files from a broken mac hard drive device-USB2.0High-speed external hard drive Home

  Chip manufacturer: USBest (Liansheng) USB home

  Product can i still recover deleted photos from external hard drive manufacturer: FABULK external hard drive House

  Then we used various tools of UT163 for mass can i store acronis backup on the bootable recovery usb production, always prompting that no drive was found, there is no way, we want to disassemble and repair can i use a recovery usb on a different computer it.!Let me teach you a skill to remove the external drive. It's well known that generally external can i use any usb to create a recovery drive drives don't have screws and usually glue the shell. I will heat the external drive with a hot air can i use lenovo onekey recovery to replace hard drive gun and gently remove the shell. Don't Use violence to demolish, it will ruin! external hard drive can i use system recovery on a new hard drive Home

  After disassembling, I found that the main control is UT165, my god, I still have to trust my can i use win 10 recovery usb for another computer own eyes!

  Find the right master, and start mass production below!As shown in the figure:

  Press can i use windows 10 recovery disc new hard drive F3 and find that device 1 is the home of my external drive

  Then press the space bar to start mass can i use windows recovery disk on an empty hardrive production, and find the following error: Home of external hard drive

  Unable to continue mass can il make several recovery usb drives for one computer production, looking up the information found that many people encountered exhaustion problems, according can my friend make me a windows 10 recovery usb to the method provided by everyone, the low-level emptying is not easy, and finally the F1 setting can not create usb recovery disk on dell inspiron laptop button, as shown in the figure: Home of external hard drive

  Press the load button to open the window can personal information be recovered from a formatted hard drive as shown in the figure, and load the UT65rom, as shown in the figure: Home of external hard can recovery software be used when external hard drive fails drive

  Then press OK to save and exit the setting window, and press the space bar to start mass production, can see macos recovery partition but not main hard drive as shown in the figure: Home of external hard drive

  Just like this, my external drive is repaired! can we recover a window from a formatted hard drive external hard drive Home

  As for why the UT65ROM information should be loaded, I personally can we recover the data from a formatted hard drive think that the configuration file is damaged, which leads to the 0X28 error. After loading a correct can windows 10 recovery usb drive see other usb drives configuration file and then mass production, everything is OK! USB home

  The above is the example can you clone a hard drive with a recovery partition experience of repairing the faulty external drive. Although there are a lot of steps, we can save our can you have a recovery file on external hard drive external drive with our hands. I believe that many friends are willing to try it. It is full of fun can you make a usb recovery drive with a phone and can also increase their knowledge of the external drive. ,Why not do it? external hard drive can you make a windoes recovery disk on a usb Home

  Master repair the faulty external hard drive: