Anguos AlcorMP 080829 toss out a Kingston USBROM[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-23 10:10

  The external drive is a fake Kingston DataTraveler 4G

  The first preparation is

  1 Put the iso recovering a hard drive with hp pavilion windows 7 that needs mass production under C: and rename it to cdrom.iso

  2 Run and enter CMD to execute this recovering data from a broken hard drive ann arbor command.

  copy /b cdrom.iso+cdrom.iso abcd.iso

  Don't ask me why I don't know, but I know that if recovering data from a hard drive with bad sectors you don't perform this step, it will crash even if you do a successful USB boot--

  3 Unzip the mass recovering data from external hard drive that isn& 39 production tool "Anguo AU698X program AlcorMP Ver09.02.27" to C: down

  Open the unzipped mass recovering data from external hard drive that won& 39 production tool folder AlcorMP () to find AlcorMP.Double-click the ini file to open it with Notepad.

  Find recovering data from external hard drive using docking station the [AutoRun] section

  These two parameters are



  This recovering data from external hard drive with bad sectors step means to point the ISO file you want to solidify to the USB-CDROM partition

  Well, recovering data from hard drive with bad boot sector the preparations are finished. Of course, please turn off your anti-virus software during the insurance recovering data from mac hard drive that won& 39 period.-In case the anti-virus jumps out during the production process and kills something, you recovering data from seagate external hard drive brainerd mn will cut it and start practicing.

  Let's start working:

  4 Double-click to execute AlcorMP.exe

   recovering data from usb unix drive on windows 10 Insert your external hard drive and let him recognize it.After seeing the external hard drive appear, recovering data from wd external hard drive on mac click Set, ignore the password, continue to click OK to enter the setting

  The memory project does recovering email folders from ios mail from hard drive not need to be changed by default.If you change to speed priority, it will increase the number of recovering files from a dead laptop using bootable usb bad blocks.

  The higher the number selected by ECC, the larger the capacity of the mass-produced recovering files from a hard drive thats been formated external hard drive, but the stability will be worse.On the contrary, the lower the choice, the smaller recovering files from a hard drive that's been formatted the capacity and the higher the stability. It depends on your external hard drive PR, your experience recovering files from external drive that won't be recognized and your RP.

  Please see the instructions in the bag for specific instructions.High grid setting recovering files from hard drive that won t boot mass production function description.pdf

  Unfortunately, if your mp does not recognize the flash, recovering files that have been overwritten on a usb you can only manually select it yourself, if the model is not in the list.Amen, you'd better stop recovering files to same external hard drive after formatting using it, it won't be fun if it's scrapped.

  Device mode setting select AutoRum default mode

  Be recovering from a dead hard drive hp pavilion laptop careful not to choose the Write Protect below to make all partitions of the plate write-protected--

   recovering hard drive sata ide usb 3.0 not comoatibale The partition settings are as you like, you can make one or two.Capacity self-regulation

  Write the recovering lost files on force eject hard drive mac external hard drive information setting by yourself, pay attention to VID and PID, you can add it recovering photos from phone screen broken no usb access at will, and then you will find that the external hard drive you made will become the master control recovering photos from phone screen broken no usb debugging company of the UID and PID you filled in when it is detected.

  Ha ha!So, it's not safe to check the recovering the notebook bios using an external storage device master control by software.