The difference between several hidden modes of UV2 made by ultraiso[Win11 Solutions]

25 2021-08-23 10:00

  As ultraiso V9.The USB-HDD+ V2 mode (deep hiding) is newly added in version 5 and above. When you how to recover raw hard drive select USB-HDD+ V2 during production, check both "Create Boot Partition" and "Deep Hiding", and the how to recover raw usb drive disk parameters you can see are the same as those produced by FbinstTool. The boot disk is similar, how to recover sandisk usb drive the previous boot disk is displayed as "idle", so some friends say that deep hiding is as possible how to recover sata hard drive as FbinstTool, but what is the difference between these hidden modes that can be selected by how to recover seagate external drive ultraiso.

  When we write to the external hard drive with ultraiso, there are several boot partition how to recover seagate hard drive modes.Usually, we use modeless, so we can update the data easily.

  When we use hiding, the software actually how to recover ssd hard drive repartitions the external drive and writes it into the mirror.The design only prepares a FAT16 how to recover stuff from usb format partition at the beginning.Since the external drive can only display one disk normally under how to recover toshiba hard drive Windows, the hidden attribute is added to make the second partition display.

  The high-end hidden is how to recover ubuntu from usb slightly different. The partition is changed to the end. Since only one drive letter can be displayed how to recover unallocated hard drive originally, even if the hidden familiarity is removed, the hidden partition can't be accessed how to recover unbootable hard drive directly by windows.

  Although the first two are hidden, when you encounter a partition artifact like how to recover uninitialized hard drive DiskGenius, its file browsing function makes the hidden virtual reality, and the data can be easily how to recover usb 0 bytes modified.But the last kind of deep hiding is different, even DiskGenius can't access normally.This how to recover usb boot ubuntu mode of writing can only be started normally when the boot image written by EZBOOT produced by the same how to recover usb data howtogeek company is written, and access requires the bootpart in the full version of ULTRAISO.sys driver and how to recover usb deleted dat a bootpart.exe command line tool mount.In this way, safety is guaranteed.

  The reason why the partition how to recover usb device manager tool can't be accessed is actually because when the partition was partitioned, the software how to recover usb drive corruption emptied the information of the partition table (recording the 16 bytes of the first primary partition how to recover usb drive password of the MBR partition table) that originally belonged to the partition, so the partition appeared how to recover usb drive raw unpartitioned.However, does ezboot really have the ability to break the limitations of traditional partition how to recover usb drive size tables.In fact, the 16 bytes are not so much emptied as they are transferred.It can be found how to recover usb drive space through the disassembly view that these 16 bytes are transferred to the 97th sector (it should be in how to recover usb flash drive the first sector). In this way, a hidden rule between ULTRAISO and EZBOOT is generated. If no special how to recover usb hard drive processing is performed, generally Boot device (such as MS BOOTMGR) can't access the partition.Of how to recover usb hdd partition course, the method of cracking is definitely not to restore the transferred data, so that deep hiding how to recover usb on mac becomes the most general hiding.

  The boot disk created by deep hiding is generally not visible in how to recover usb quick format the boot partition and you can't modify the files in the boot disk. If you want to modify it, you how to recover usb storage space can download an UltraISO hidden area mounter, and you can choose to mount it in read-only mode. You how to recover usb thumb drive can choose the writable mode, and then you can modify the internal files and then cancel the mount to how to recover usb using cmd make the modification successful.