Kingston external hard drive dual partition and manufacturing USBHDD boot disk tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-23 08:50

  When booting from a external drive, there is no uniform standard in the BIOS of the motherboards recover files after format usb drive of various manufacturers. In comparison, the USB-HDD is regarded as a hard disk device in the BIOS recover files after formatting hard drive (you can format the external drive as a USB-HDD). Enter the BIOS after the method). In this way, booting recover files after hard drive crash the computer through USB-HDD, the compatibility seems to be better (at least the situation I recover files after hard drive failure encountered is like this), and the later modification and maintenance are easier than USB-CDROM.

  Let's recover files after quick format usb talk about my approach below, let's share and explore with everyone, and ask the experts to advise recover files after reformat hard drive us a lot.

  1. Mass production into dual partitions

  1. The tools used for mass production are: SK6 recover files auto deleted from usb 281_PDT_.

  2. Partition using mass production tools

  This process is basically similar to the process recover files broken external hard drive of mass production into USB-CDROM, you can refer to

  See the picture below for the differences: recover files cut from hard drive

  Click OK and save the settings (there are two saving processes) and return to the main interface recover files damaged usb memory stick of the mass production tool, and then click the "start mass production" button to perform mass recover files deleted from usb cnet production partition operations until mass production is successful.After mass production, don't forget recover files deleted off usb drive to plug and unplug your external hard drive again.

  2. Format the first partition as USB-HDD

  1. recover files delted external hard drive Before formatting, you need to prepare three basic DOS files and put them in a certain folder.

  2. Use recover files external hard drive noisy "HP USB Formatting Tool" to format the first partition of the external hard drive

  After formatting, recover files from a magneted usb restart your computer, enter the BIOS, in the list of hard disks, you should see your external recover files from a raw usb hard drive in the list.At the same time, set to start the computer from USB-HDD (for newer computers, recover files from an erased usb there is a shortcut key to call up the boot device option when starting).After restarting the computer, recover files from apple hard drive if you can boot to DOS, it will be 90% successful.

  3. USB-HDD boot and call GRUB to boot Win_ recover files from bad hard drive PE and DOS toolbox

  1. Delete the three DOS files in the boot partition of the external hard drive, recover files from bad usb drive download the attachment I uploaded and unzip it to the root directory of the boot partition of the recover files from bitlocker hard drive external hard drive, according to GRUB.The file path and file name in the built-in menu in the EXE recover files from broken hard drive add PE related files and the IMG file of the DOS toolbox, you can start USB-HDD and call GRUB to start recover files from broken usb drive Win_PE and DOS toolbox, and there is only IO in the boot partition.SYS and BOOT folders.

  2. The recover files from broken usb mac file description in the attachment:

  DOS system boot file, which executes "MSDOS.SYS" and "COMMAND. recover files from corrupted external drive COM"."IO.SYS" will search for "MSDOS.SYS" and "COMMAND.COM", in order to make the boot partition of recover files from corrupted hard drive the external hard drive look tidy, we put "MSDOS.SYS" and "COMMAND.COM" these two files are placed recover files from corrupted usb drive in the BOOT folder.Changed "MSDOS.SYS" and "COMMAND.COM" the location of these two files, the "IO.SYS" recover files from corrupted usb free can't find them.We can use UltraEdit-32 to modify "IO.The default path of these two files in SYS", recover files from corrupted usb linux which is to put the "IO."MSDOS" in STS".SYS" is changed to "BOOTMSDS" (the principle is that the recover files from corrupted usb mac "IO.SYS" the total number of bytes in the file, so "MSDOS.The number of bytes of "SYS" and "BOOTMSDS" recover files from crashed hard drive must be the same).In this way, "IO.When SYS" is started, it will find "MSDS" in the BOOT folder. In recover files from damaged hard drive fact, this file is MSDOS.SYS changed name.Similarly, "IO."COMMAND in SYS".COM" should also be changed recover files from damaged hard drives to "BOOTCOMCMD", so that "IO.When SYS" starts, it will find "COMCMD" in the BOOT folder.

  If we recover files from dead hard drive want to load GRUB automatically, we need AUTOEXEC.BAT this file, IO.The default location of this file recover files from dead usb drive in SYS should also be modified, "IO."AUTOEXEC" in SYS".BAT" to "BOOTAUTOEXE".

  (2) File description recover files from defective hard drive in BOOT folder

  "" is used for GRUB to locate the location of the boot disk, you can check GRUB's recover files from deleted hard drive built-in menu to understand; "AUTOEXE" is

  "AUTOEXEC.BAT" was renamed, and "COMCMD" was changed recover files from desktop hard drive from "COMMAND.COM" was renamed, and "MSDS" was replaced by "MSDOS.SYS" was renamed, "NTD.PRO" by recover files from destroyed hard drive "NTDETECT.COM" was renamed (the default path of this file should be modified to "NTDETECT" in "PELDR".COM", recover files from encrypted hard drive amended to "BOOT NTD.PRO"; "PE.X" by "WINNT.XPE" was renamed to the future, and at the same time, recover files from encrypted usb drive the "WINNT" of "PELDR".XPE" is "BOOT PE".X".

  (3) Now we clarify our thinking: the computer boots recover files from erased hard drive from the external hard drive => IO.SYS=>MSDOS.SYS+COMMAND.COM=>AUTOEXEC.BAT=>GRUB.EXE=>MENU.LST=>PELDR=> recover files from external hard disk NTDETECT.COM+ WINNT.XPE=> WINNT.PE image file specified in XPE.

  "MSDOS.SYS+COMMAND.COM+AUTOEXEC.BAT" recover files from external hard drive these three files must be modified by IO.Move the position after SYS; "NTDETECT.COM+ WINNT.XPE" recover files from external hard drivre these two files need to modify PELDR to move the position.Modify IO.SYS and PELDR should be recover files from extrenal hard drive realized by UltraEdit-32.

  Here is the idea of making, as long as you have the ability to do it, you recover files from failed hard drive will be successful.