Installation of Win11 prompts the required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing solution[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-23 07:50

  Nowadays, there are not many people who use CD-ROM to install the system. Generally, the easiest delete recovery hard drive macintosh hd way is to install the WINDOWS7 operating system through a external hard drive. In the actual operation, delete recovery partition external hard drive the most used tool is the UltraISO software. The latest version should be 9.5.By inserting the delete recovery partition from hard drive external hard drive, and then in the boot label of UltraISO, we choose to write to the hard disk to delete recovery partition on external drive make the external hard drive WINDOWS7 installation disk we want.

  However, during the actual operation, delete recovery partition on hard drive we will encounter a more troublesome problem: the lack of the required CD/DVD drive device driver, deleted file recovery external hard drive then our installation can't continue as shown below:

  In fact, from the surface, it seems to be deleted file recovery from hard drive the same as what he suggested. It may be a lack of drivers. In fact, it is not. This is Microsoft's deleted file recovery on usb drive hint that misled us. We can take a look at the picture below.

  After we click the browse button, the deleted partition recovery external hard drive picture above will appear. In the picture above, we can clearly see the partition of the hard disk. dell backup and recovery bootable usb It proves that it is not a driver problem, but in this window, a careful friend should be able to dell backup and recovery manager usb see the situation. Buy a pass first.At this time, we have no way to continue the installation, so what dell backup and recovery usb disk should we do.At this time, we close the interface in the above picture that we are looking for to dell backup and recovery usb drive find the driver, we return to the start installation interface, and then press the Shift+F10 keys at dell backup and recovery usb key the same time, then a command window will pop up, as shown below:

  Press Shift+F10 at the same time dell backup and recovery usb size in this interface, the following window appears

  We use the hard disk partition command provided dell backup and recovery usb stick by WINDODWS 7: diskpart to check the situation of our drive, first enter in the default window: dell bios recovery from hard drive diskpart and press Enter, refer to the following picture

  Then enter: list disk and press Enter, as shown dell bios recovery usb fklash driev in the figure below