KINGMAX 64G USB30 Yudie external hard drive Evaluation[Win11 Solutions]

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  Accelerate USB 3 with the advent of Intel Ivy Bridge processor.0 Peripheral applications are popular, macbook boot from external drive recovery becoming USB 3 in 2012.0A year of rapid growth of flash drives.Following the ED-01, KINGMAX pushes macbook dead hard drive data recovery high-end USB 3.0 flash drive ED-07.ED-07 USB3.0 The flash drive is light and easy to carry. The macbook hard drive data recovery cost shell color is silver gray and water blue. The capacity includes: 16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB and 128GB, providing macbook hard drive failure data recovery consumers with diversified choices.The shell is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated macbook hard drive recovery austin tx with anodized plating to increase the metal texture and color, and at the same time, it can resist macbook internet recovery new hard drive corrosion.The end of the ED-07 has a thoughtful design that does not drop the cap. The cap can be macbook internet recovery no hard drive fixed on the end to avoid loss. At the same time, there is a strap hole at the end, which can be worn macbook new hard drive internet recovery with a rope and become an easy-to-carry accessory.Let's take a closer look today. USB home

  KINGMAX macbook pro 2017 hard drive recovery USB3.0 64G external drive Evaluation

  High transmission speed, greatly increasing data transmission macbook pro hard drive crash recovery and storage efficiency

  Intimate design without dropping the cap, the cap can be fixed at the macbook pro recovery firewire to usb end

  Aluminum alloy shell, anodized surface treatment, increase metal texture and corrosion macbook pro recovery new hard drive resistance

  Comply with CE, FCC, BSMI, RoHs specifications

  Five-Year Product Warranty external hard drive macbook pro recovery os x usb Home

  KINGMAX USB3.0 64G external drive

  KINGMAX USB3.0 64G USB interface

  KINGMAX ED-07 complies macbook pro recovery with bootable usb with EU RoHS regulations (relevant regulations restricting the use of hazardous substances in macbook recovery hd to usb adapter electronic and electrical equipment), and has passed EU CE, US FCC, and BSMI certifications from the macbook recovery mode no hard drive Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspections of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It also supports macos bootable usb boots to recovery the latest Microsoft operating system windows 7, consumers In use, there is no need to worry about the macos el capitan create recovery usb compatibility between the product and the operating system.In addition, KINGMAX products have strict macos high sierra recovery mode usb quality control and production specifications. All products pass 100% rigorous testing before macos recovery from usb transmac windows leaving the factory to ensure the highest quality of products; it also provides warranty services to macrium reflect recovery usb flash drive give consumers the most assured use. external hard drive Home

  ● Bottom test: hd tach external hard macrium reflect recovery usb windows 10 drive home

  The HD Tach read speed test does not depend on the file system, and the curve score is made external drive a recovery disk basically equivalent to the internal transmission rate test of the hard disk.It reflects the idealized magnet on hard drive damage recovery hard disk speed, and its extended part is about the reflection of the buffer to disk item in the magnetizing a hard drive and recovery disk performance table. In real applications, there is very little chance to reach such a height.

  HD mail dead hard drive for recovery Tach test results

  HD Tach is a commonly used memory testing tool.KINGMAX ED-07 USB3.0 The average make a bitlocker recovery key usb read speed of the external drive reaches 176.6MB/sec, burst reading speed 184.8MB/sec.This speed make a dell os recoverly usb is enough to shock today's USB3.0 external drive world, definitely a hall-level USB3.0 products. USB make a high sierra recovery usb home

  ● Low-level test: HD Tune Pro v4.60

  HD Tune is a hard disk performance diagnostic test make a mac os recovery usb tool.It can detect the transfer rate of the hard disk, burst data transfer rate, data access time, CPU make a mac usb recover usb usage, health status, temperature and scan the surface of the disk, etc.In addition, it can also make a recovery usb windows 10 detect the hard disk's firmware version, serial number, capacity, cache size, and current transfer mode make a recovery usb windows 7 in detail.

  Home of HD Tune test results

  KINGMAX ED-07 USB3.0 The reading performance of the make a usb bios recovery flashdrive external drive under this software is: the lowest transfer rate is 156.8MB/sec, the highest transfer make a usb recovery disk macos rate is 176.1MB/sec, average transfer rate 170.2MB/sec.This speed successfully completes the nominal make a usb recovery drive mac speed of this product.Let's take a look at other test results. USB home

  ● Underlying test: ATTO Disk make a usb windows 7 recovery Benchmark

  ATTO Disk Benchmark is an excellent and free disk benchmark test software that supports make a windows 10 recover usb read and write tests for stability/bursty transfer rates, and is suitable for the read and write make a windows 10 recovery usb performance of conventional hard drives, RAID, external drives, removable memory cards and other make a windows 8.1 recovery usb products test. USB home

  ATTO Disk Benchmark test results USB home

  It can be seen from the test results make a windows vista recovery usb of ATTO Disk Benchmark that KINGMAX ED-07 USB3.0 The read speed of the external drive is 183.6MB/sec, make a windows xp recovery usb write speed up to 51.7MB/sec.As far as writing speed is concerned, the nominal value of this make bootable recovery usb windows 10 product has also been successfully completed.Let's take a look at KINGMAX ED-07 USB3.0How is the actual make bootable recovery usb windows 7 file copy ability of the external drive?!

  ● Application performance test: FastCopy

  FastCopy make bootable recovery usb windows 8.1 is a compact file/directory copy tool with powerful functions and superior performance. It can fully make bootable usb from recovery partition tap the capabilities of file systems and hard drives, and supports counting and timing.Here is a make bootable usb recovery windows 10 "Transformers" MP4 video clip file containing 1 video file with a total capacity of 283MB, which can make bootable usb recovery windows 7 reflect the KINGMAX ED-07 USB3.0 The external drive is dealing with the actual copying capacity of a make bootable usb windows 10 recovery large-capacity single file; the other file contains 100 MP3 songs with a total capacity of 306MB, make bootable usb windows vista recovery which is used to reflect the KINGMAX ED-07 USB3.0external drive can cope with the copying ability of make bootable windows 10 recovery usb scattered files.

  KINGMAX ED-07 USB3.0 USB FastCopy test results

  In the FastCopy file copy test, make bootable windows 7 recovery usb KINGMAX ED-07 USB3.0 The time taken by the external drive to deal with a large number of scattered make easy recovery essentials bootable usb files is 7.74 seconds, the write speed is 39.63MB/sec, the speed is quite good.When copying small-capacity make hp recovery usb windows 10 video files, KINGMAX ED-07 USB3.0 external hard drive write speed is 46.25MB/sec, the result make pasword recovery usb windows vist a is quite gratifying. USB home

  ● Summary of the full text: Home of external hard drive

  KINGMAX ED- make recovery disck windows 10 usb 07 USB3.0 external drive Home

  KINGMAX ED-07 USB3.0external drive home

  KINGMAX ED-07 USB3.0 The make recovery disk usb windows 7 shell of the external drive is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated with anodizing to make recovery disk windows 7 usb increase the metal texture and color, and at the same time, it can resist corrosion.After testing, we make recovery drive into regular usb found that the reading speed of this product closely follows the first-line external drive brand, make recovery drive usb hp laptop with a reading speed of up to 183.6MB/S. In the actual file copy test, the speed is also around 40MB/ make recovery usb drive windows 10 S, which satisfactorily completes the nominal speed of the product.Not only that, this product also make recovery usb from inside windows supports a 5-year warranty, interested friends stay tuned. external hard drive Home

  KINGMAX pushes make recovery usb mac os x high-end USB 3 again.0 flash drive ED-07.ED-07 USB3.0 The flash drive is light and easy to carry. make recovery usb windows 2008 r2 The shell color is silver gray and water blue. The capacity includes: 16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB and 128GB, make start up usb windows recovery providing consumers with diversified choices.

  KINGMAX 64G USB3.0 Royal Disc external hard drive: