Chipsbank CBM2098E master control external hard drive mass production success tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-23 06:50

  I started with a batch of main control boards from Dashu a few days ago, and two of them are 2098E create bootable usb from hp recovery disk main control boards. Today I found F (short for flash memory), ready to open the film, excited.

  ( create bootable usb from recovery partition mac PS: Last time I bought the main control board from Dashu, the careless LZ bought less shell. Fortunately, create bootable usb recovery windows 8 1 Dashu gave it away for free, good people, like one!)

  Because I couldn't find the Flash support create bootable usb windows 7 recovery disk list for 2098E on the Internet, I held the K9F8G08U0M on my hand with the mentality of gamble (F create bootable usb windows xp recovery console is old enough, don't laugh at LZ,).

  Regarding the support list, the support list was not found, but create chrome recovery for usb on windoiws on the official website, there are the following explanations:

  SLC & MLC & TLC NAND Flash create custom recovery partition windows 10 usb Interface

  Support 8-bitand 16-bit Samsung SLC&MLC&TLC NAND flash.

  Support 8-bit and 16-bit Toshiba create hp bios recovery usb flash drive SLC&MLC&TLC NAND flash(include 32/24/19nm D3/eD3)

  Support8-bit and 16-bit Hynix SLC&MLC&TLC NAND create install usb yosemite on recovery partition flash.

  Support 8-bit and16-bit Sandisk SLC&MLC&TLC NAND flash.

  Support 8-bit and 16-bitMicron/Intel create mac os recovery usb on windows SLC&MLC&TLC NAND flash.

  Support 8-bit and 16-bitST/Numony SLC&MLC NAND flash.

  Support 8-bit and create mac os x lion recovery usb 16-bit InfineonSLC&MLC NAND flash.

  Support PowerChip SLC&MLC Nand flash

  SupportSpansion 3.3V create mac recovery hd on usb mojave MirrorBit-Quad flash

  Support Actrans Nand Flash

  SupportONFI2.0 DDR mode flash

  Support Samsung create ni linux rt recovery usb drive Toggle mode flash

  Support 16K pageflash

  Supports up to 8 flash chips

  Software configuration to create os x el capitan recovery usb supportvarious new flash memories

  There are pictures:

  There is no macro camera, the pictures of the create os x recovery usb on windows board can be borrowed from another one.

  Next is the highlight, start work!

  This is the recognition create password recovery usb windows 8 1 result of the 0027 version of ChipGenius before mass production. Obviously, it is recognized create recovery disc on external hard drive here as CBM2198A

  This is the identification of mass production tools and the configuration in mass create recovery disk from recovery partition usb production (you can refer to it).The mass production tool used is CBM2098 UMPTool&APTool v6002 (2013- create recovery disk windows 8 1 usb 02-01).Here 2098E is recognized correctly, but how is Flash K9K8G08U0x.?

  During mass production.

  create recovery media on external hard drive  Mass production completed!It took 5min 20s .

  After ejecting and plugging in the USB again, the create recovery partition on external hard drive drive letter is displayed.

  Check with the 0027 version of ChipGenius, there are still problems.

  Change create recovery usb flash drive option missing to XP, use ChipGenius version 0028 to check, the master control is correct, but F is still create recovery usb flash drive windows 7 wrong.

  The speed is measured below.

  ATTO speed measurement, the speed is average, I think F is too create recovery usb for mac on windows old.

  FastCopy speed measurement.

  Finished!Although the result shows that the speed is average, create recovery usb for surface pro 4 there is an experience: 2098E supports K9F8G08U0M (K9K8G08U0x).As a novice, successfully mass-produced create recovery usb for windows 10 tablet 2098E, I am happy, hehe,

  Finally, from the entire mass production process, to summarize, there are create recovery usb from different windows system several problems:

  1. Chip recognition

  ChipGenius V4.00 0027 is identified as 2198A

  ChipGenius create recovery usb from iso on mac V4.00 0028 is recognized as 2098E

  (Note: 0028 version of ChipGenius [ChipGenius_v4_00_0028_stable.exe] create recovery usb mac os x 10.8 Both 360 antivirus under XP and Red Umbrella under win7 will report the virus!Could it be that create recovery usb mac os x yosemite my next version was added by unscrupulous people with malicious code?!Later, it was only executed create recovery usb windows 10 command prompt after adding it to the trust list of anti-virus software.If your version does not have this problem, create recovery usb windows 10 on mac please share it!Thanks a lot!)

  2. Flash recognition

  Mass production tools and ChipGenius V4.00 create recovery windows usb backup windows 7 0028 recognizes K9F8G08U0M as K9K8G08U0x

  3. How to find the chip support list from the software create surface recovery usb from another pc catalog of the mass production tool

  At first I naively thought that the file in the mass production create surface recovery usb from microsoft image tool directory: CBM2098 UMPToolV6002(2013-02-01)2098EScanFile is the listed flash memory identification create surface usb recovery drive from image code, as shown below:

  Ever since, I saw that the identification code of K9K8G08U0M was ECD, and create system recovery disk windows 10 usb I searched it in the files marked samsung. It turned out that my guess was wrong. These files did create system recovery disk windows 7 usb not describe the flash memory identification code at all. It seemed to be related to ECC verification, create system recovery usb for another computer because every At the end of each file:

  This kind of similar text once again proves the guess is create system recovery usb windows 8 1 wrong.It seems that when there is no flash memory support list, I can only solder F and try my create usb mac startup software recovery disc luck.!

  Flash recognition sometimes the model is wrong, but it should be similar

  For example, if the create usb recovery disk for win 10 2CE Flash is recognized as 1CE (the mass production software can't tell whether it's overlapped or create usb recovery disk for windows 10 not), the display model will be different.

  But mass production is fine

  Some netizens said that create usb recovery drive for another pc mass production software generally comes with a chip support list

  For example, there is UP19BD Flash create usb recovery drive for surface 2 Support List_2010 under the file of UP19.12.13.PDF file

  There is 902E_FlashDatabase_V4 under the create usb recovery drive for surface pro directory of 902E.02.13.ini text file