Two methods to easily solve the problem of Win11 C drive space becoming smaller and smaller[Win11 Solutions]

18 2021-08-23 06:40

  Recently, a friend installed the Windows7 system before. Because it was installed on the C drive why would recovery fail using a manufacurer provided usb iso system, the C drive was allocated 20G of space during the initial hard disk partitioning. However, will a recovery disk work on a new hard drive after installing WIN7 and installing some games and applications, the C drive space is getting smaller will creating a recovery drive ruin my external hard drive and smaller.Recently, there are often prompts that the C disk space is insufficient, causing the will i lose my data if use bootabl recovery usb system to run slowly.This is not the case with XP before.So how to solve the problem that Win7 takes will recuva v1.53.1087 recover deleted files from a usb drive up a lot of space and the C drive space is getting smaller and smaller?

  What to do if the Win7 C will they be able to recover my files hard drive disk space is getting smaller and smaller

  As we know that the file size of Win7 system is much larger win 7 recovery cannot see external hard drive 2 0 than that of traditional XP system. Generally, if Win7 system is installed now, it is generally windows 10 after usb recovery just going to password screen recommended to give C drive more than 50G space.So is there any simple solution when Win7 occupies too windows 10 home 64 iso for recovery usb 64 bit much system disk.Many friends may say that repartitioning and then reinstalling the system is fine, windows 10 how to recover windows from hard drive crash but that would be too much trouble.The following is a convenient way to introduce two ways to solve windows 10 move recovery partition to flash usb and erase Win7 taking up too much space on the C drive.

  Method 1: Optimize the C drive system

  ⒈) The first windows 10 professional 64 bit on usb reinstall restore recovery thing to do is to transfer some of the program files installed on the C drive to the D drive. You windows 10 recovery disk usb flash drive format fat32 ntfs can use the 360 moving tool, or you can uninstall the software installed on the C drive, then download windows 10 recovery drive install on a new hard drive and install, and then install it on the D drive. However, the 360 moving tool is easier to operate windows 10 recovery files on usb stuck on blue screen and is recommended.

  1. Reduce the size of dormant files

  First open the start dialog box, and windows 10 recovery hard drive has less space as before then enter the "CMD" command symbol in the run box, and then press Enter to enter the command operation windows 10 recovery reinstall boot restore usb flash drive recovery dialog box,

  Then enter: powercfg -H size 50

  The hibernation file will be compressed to 50% of windows 10 recovery usb download version 1809 media creation tool the memory, reducing the occupied hard disk space by 25% of the memory.

  If it is not enough, just windows 10 recovery usb not loading site answers microsoft com use powercfg -H off to turn off directly, as shown in the figure below:

  Shrink or close hibernation windows 10 recovery usb shows up as uefi not bios file

  Remember to reboot after finishing!

  2. Set the size of the virtual memory page file

  Also windows 10 reinstall recovery repair restore boot fix usb troubleshooting open the Win7 start dialog box, and then enter in the running dialog box: systempropertiesadvanced, windows 10 reset bootloop not loading from usb recovery drive then press Enter to enter the virtual content setting interface, and then open the advanced system windows 10 the hard drive recovery process has been selected properties: then customize the virtual memory file size, and adjust it as small as possible. As windows 10 usb recovery tool if you have forgotten password shown below:

  Adjust the size of the virtual memory page file

  3. Compress the system installation windows 10 wont finish loading recovery onto usb drive why folder (C: Windowswinsxs folder)

  First obtain the operation authority: How to obtain the administrator windows 2012 how to get to recovery console usb boot authority in Windows 7, the method of operation: first obtain the read and write authority of the windows 7 recovery does not see hard drive in raid WINSXS folder (by default, the administrator only has read authority to this folder), then select windows 7 repair and recovery disc for failing hard drive WINSXS and click the right mouse button, general- "Advanced -" Compress content to save disk space.The windows 7 system image recovery can't see external hard drive compression process takes 10-30 minutes, depending on the performance of the hard disk.

  Compress windows 7 usb flash drive to create a recovery disc the system installation folder to reduce the space occupied by the C drive

  Through the above windows 8 8 1 installation dvd usb or recovery disk settings, we can save a lot of space for the C drive. In fact, the above is mainly to compress some less windows 8 or 8.1 installation dvd usb or recovery disk important system files, so some space is saved, but this kind of squeezing can not save How much windows 8 will not boot from my usb recovery tool space is released? When the computer runs for a period of time due to a lot of garbage, there may be windows 8 won't let me select hard drive recovery process a message indicating that the C drive is insufficient. At this time, we can only try to clear the windows 8.1 usb recovery drive to format a new harddrive system garbage to solve it, but it is also very troublesome. Then, is there any solution to WIN7 occupying windows recovery backup keeps downgrading my hard drive to 32gb C? What about the problem of oversized disk.Next, I will introduce one of the most effective windows recovery cd command prompt copy files to usb disk methods-to expand the capacity of the C drive.

  Method 2: Adjust the size of the C drive

  The root windows recovery disk difference usb 2 0 vs 3 0 cause of the above lack of space on the C drive is that the reserved space on the C drive is too small. windows recovery drive usb2 or usb 3 or doesn't matter The above relies on compressing some system files, which can only play a certain role in releasing windows server backup recovery wizard usb drive not showing up some space, but after all, it is very limited, so you must reserve for the C drive. If there is windows server sbs 2010 recover disk space on usb backup enough space, it is better to increase the capacity of the C drive, so how to adjust the size of the C windows.10 usb recovery when you didnt do it before crash drive.

  Regarding how to adjust the size of the Win7 C disk space, please refer to: How to merge wrote over a file on usb can it be recovered disk partitions and how to adjust the partition size in windows7

  There are basically the above two xp crashed hard drive removed from computer file free recovery methods to solve the shrinking space of the Win7 C drive. If the C drive space is not severely xp overwritten hard drive removed from computer file free recovery insufficient, it is recommended to use the method one. If the C drive space is severely insufficient, the you need to recover deleted files from a hard drive method two is recommended. If you find the above methods to be troublesome, You can also repartition your hard drive does not have the windows recovery environment and reinstall the system.