[Fixed] external hard drive prompts that the write protection error cannot be formatted [Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-23 06:30

  What should I do if the external drive can't be formatted with write protection? A netizen said hp notebook 15 usb recovery tool that his lenovo 8G external drive failed today. The files on the external drive can be read, but can't hp notebook recovery disk to usb be written in. It always prompts that there is write protection.Change to another computer, still hp omen 15 ax033dx usb recovery can't write in, still the same situation.

  "Because the floppy disk is write-protected and can't be hp pavilion dv6 bios recovery usb written to the floppy disk, please delete the write-protection of the volume from the drive \Device\ hp pavilion dv6 hard drive recovery Harddisk1\dr5".Unable to format, also shows write protection.

  If your external drive does not have hp pavilion g6 hard drive recovery a write-protect switch, and it is write-protected when plugged into different computers, it can't hp pavilion hard drive recovery discs be formatted, and if the methods mentioned in the following practical operations fail to work, then hp pavilion hard drive recovery disk mass production is required. Download one from the Internet. ChipGenius, detects the model of the hp pavilion laptop recovery media usb external hard drive chip.Then download the mass production tool of the corresponding model, and mass hp pavilion x360 bios recovery usb produce it.

  Practice operation:

  First of all, confirm that there is no intuitive waveguide-shaped hp phoenix bios crisis recovery usb write-protect switch on the external drive like the previous floppy disk.

  So, quickly copy the files hp phoenix bios recovery usb format inside and back them up to other hard drives.It doesn't matter if the disk is broken. If the data hp phoexix bios recovery usb format is lost, the file loss inside will be too great.

  1. Try right-clicking on the external hard drive hp recovery cannot from hard drive to format it, but it can't be formatted due to write protection.

  2. What to do?So I tried to hp recovery discs new hard drive right-click on "My Computer" and select "Manage"-"Disk Management". At this time, I can see that the hp recovery disk blank hard drive status of the external drive is actually marked with a little blue dot, which may be due to write hp recovery disk different hard drive protection. Bar.However, it can't be formatted due to write protection.

  3. I want to re-enable the SPFDISK hp recovery disk external hard drive partition tool in the maxdos tool and directly put the external hard drive format, but the result hp recovery disk fresh hard drive is that the new partition information can't be written to the disk because of write protection.Unable hp recovery disk larger hard drive to repartition.

  4. I tried to change the registry and restart the computer, but it still can't hp recovery disk new hard drive be solved. Try again: press F8 on boot, choose safe mode to log in, after logging in, insert the hp recovery disk smaller hard drive external drive, and then quickly format the external drive as in normal windows ,Or not.

  5. Search hp recovery from usb windows 10 for files containing information such as "device\disk" in the computer files, but still can't find hp recovery from usb windows 8 them.

  6. I have tried other methods and have not been able to get it. In the end, the ultimate weapon hp recovery manager external hard drive recommended by our system engineers is a useful mass production tool.!

  7. A chipgenius-v3 is hp recovery manager hardware driver reinstallation downloaded online.01 tool, find the main control chip information of my Lenovo external hard drive as hp recovery manager insert usb drive follows:

  Device name: [G:]USB Mass Storage Device(Generic Flash Disk USB Device)

  PNP device ID: hp recovery manager new hard drive VID=17EF PID=3852

  Device serial number: 337E5FF2

  Device version: 8.07

  Device type: Standard USB hp recovery manager save to usb device-USB2.0 high speed

  Chip manufacturer: Alcor (Anguo)

  Chip model: AU6983

  Product manufacturer: hp recovery manager usb flash drive Generic

  Product model: Flash Disk

  8. So according to the chip model: AU6983 information, hp recovery manager usb windows 10 go to the corresponding AU6983 mass production tool software.I tried a few, and finally used the hp recovery manager usb windows 8 "Teclast external hard drive Anguo au6983 Chip Mass Production Tool" .rar "This tool was successfully hp recovery manager windows 10 usb mass-produced

  9. Note that before opening the mass production tool software, first pull down the hp recovery manager windows 7 usb external hard drive, wait for the mass production tool software to open, and then plug in the external hp recovery manager windows 8 usb hard drive, the Taipower external hard drive Anguo au6983 chip mass production tool can automatically hp recovery manager windows 8.1 usb recognize it.Click to start.The mass production process is about 7-15 minutes.I didn't see any hp recovery manager with external monitor movement in the first few minutes. I thought I had failed, but I didn't dare to move. As a result, I hp recovery media creation usb drive waited for about 5 minutes and then there was movement.

  10. If you want to set, you must fill in the hp recovery media usb windows 10 external hard drive information with VID=17EF PID=3852.Of course you are filling yourself with the hp recovery on new hard drive chip genius software chipgenius-v3.01 VID and PID detected.

  What to do if the external drive prompts hp recovery to new hard drive that the write protection error can't be formatted?: