Graphic tutorial for mass production of external hard drive controlled by Liansheng UT163[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-23 06:10

  UT163 is also one of the most commonly used external hard drive main control chips.

  To mass-produce dell windows 10 recovery usb hangs at blue screen the external hard drive of the UT163 main control chip, you first need to download the mass-production dell windows 10 recovery usb will not load inspiron tool MDPT and install

  Note: This tool can't work normally after being installed on dell windows 10 usb recovery and fully clean drive Windows Server 2003. The specific performance is that the external hard drive can't be recognized. dell windows 10 usb recovery and hard disk clean I tested it here under Windows XP and there is no problem, and it has not been tested under Win7. denver data recovery hard drive raid floppy denver dat a Friends who are interested can verify by themselves to see if it can be. use.

  After installing the desktop hard drive crashed no recovery disk windows 7 MDPT, don't start the main program. Before mass production, you need to know the VID and PID number dfl ddp data recovery equipment usb 3 0 price of the external drive.

  Insert the external drive into the computer, and then run the chip identification diagnostics for seagate dfs data recovery usb tool kit tool ChipGenius of the external drive, as shown in the figure, the VID and PID of the external did windows usb recovery drive and boot not there drive are in the red circle

  Use ChipGenius to check the VID and PID of the external hard drive

   difference between windows 10 recovery usb and install medi aAfter recording the VID and PID, unplug the external hard drive, click "Start" --> "MDPT" --> "Inf disable bios recovery 2 from hard drive dell computer Update", and fill in the two values just recorded in the window that appears, as shown in the figure

disk drill recover corrupt external hard drive not showing   Fill in VID and PID in Inf Update

  Click "Start" --> "MDPT" --> "MDPT", run the MDPT main program, disk drill recover corrupted external hard drive not showing and then insert the external hard drive, then the system should find a new hardware named "FABULK" disk locked when trying to recover hard drive osx and install the driver automatically

  Discover new hardware and install drivers automatically

  Now disk recovery software and hard drive data recovery tools the MDPT main interface should be able to display the detailed information of the external hard diy recover old disconectred hard drives striped raid configured drive (if it is not recognized, unplug the external hard drive, close the MDPT main program, then open diy recover old disconnected hard drives striped raid configured the main program, plug in the external hard drive, and try a few more times)

  MDPT has recognized dmg downloadmacos 9 in 1 usb recovery install disk the external hard drive

  2. Mass production into USB-CDROM

  Click the position as shown in the does best buy recover files from another hard drive figure, or press the keyboard "F1" to set the format

  Set the format of the external hard drive to be does bleachbit make a hard drive unable to recover mass-produced

  On the Vendor Data setting option page, some basic information of the external hard does bleachbit make a hard drive unable to recovered drive is set. Here, you can set the VID and PID of the product (the two are not recommended to be does dell do data recovery on clicking hard drives changed), as well as the manufacturer name, product name, version number, Disk format and so on, these does dell os recovery work for wiped hard drive are set according to your needs

  Set the basic information of the product

  On the Parameters Input does disc work better than usb stick for recovery tab, in the part about the product serial number, select "Don't Change Serial Number"

  Do not does hard drive recovery work on a inop drive change the product serial number

  On the Partition Setting tab, in the Public Area I, check the Partition does hp recovery look for a specific hard drive Option, the capacity is Auto (this part is the part that can be used as a external drive after does recoverying a computer fix a faulty hard drive mass production), and in the Autorun Area item, check the same Partition Option, Image File Here you does superduper copy the recovery partition from hard drive can find the CD image file you want to mass-produce to the external hard drive, and then it is very does the microsoft surface go has a recovery usb important. Do not check the Auto option here. After the CD image file is selected, the software will does the surface 3 come with a recovery usb automatically get the image size and automatically assign it to A suitable value for the partition. does the windows 10 recovery wipe other hard drives

  The most critical step

  When all parameter settings are completed, click OK to return to the main doing a system recovery on a usb windows 8 interface of the software, click the Space Start key with the mouse or the space bar directly on dos program to recover bad sectors on hard drive the keyboard to start

  Start the mass production process

  After starting, do not power off or plug download a windows 10 recovery usb for another pc or unplug the external drive, and wait patiently for the CopyFile next to it to reach 100%. This time download and create windows 8 recovery image usb drive depends on the speed of the external drive and the size of the ISO file.

  Mass production has download apple recovery iboot usb is missing a driver started, do not power off and pull out the external hard drive

  After the progress reaches 100%, select download dell recovery & restore to a usb drive Driver-->Uninstall Driver in the menu, then close the MDPT software, unplug the external hard drive download external recovery startup software for mac mohaje newest and plug it in again, you can see the mass-produced USB-CDROM in "My Computer"

  Unsuccessful mass download hard disk drive data recovery full version free production may lead to unusable disks, please be cautious!If it succeeds, please tell me. If the download macos el caption recovery usb files in windows mail disk is not available, you can re-produce it and use it on another computer. It is possible that download windows 7 64 bit recovery disc usb bootable the local XP system integrated into the USB drive may be deleted. I reinstall the system USB drive drivers to install windows 10 for recovery from usb once. Works!