Huirong SM3267AB master control external hard drive mass production cdrom startup success tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

41 2021-08-23 06:00

  Download this tool before mass production: Huirong SM3267AB (USB3.0) Master control external hard windows 8 recovery disk new hard drive drive mass production tool

  Instructions for using the software:

  The instruction folder has high windows 8 recovery disk usb download free and low format setting instructions, Huirong SM3267AB (USB3.0) The main program of the main control windows 8 recovery drive usb from iso external hard drive mass production tool is SM32xtest_V31-3.exe, the password of the Setting button windows 8 recovery tool usb free download is 320 or 2 spaces, supports formatting external hard drive into FAT32, NTFS, EXFAT partition format, windows 8 recovery usb download 64 bit supports making CDROM boot disk (need to open the Make Auto Run function option) .

  Huirong SM326 windows 8 recovery usb failed security boot 7AB mass production concise tutorial:

  Xiaobian's external hard drive is detected by chipgenius as windows 8 recovery usb fat32 or ntfs follows:

  If you are also the master external drive, you can use the following mass production windows 8 recovery usb flash drive download tutorial:

  1. Open Huirong SMI 3267AB (USB3.0) New main control chip external hard drive mass production windows 8 recovery usb for another pc tool SM32xtest_V31-3.exe.

  2. Scan and detect USB settings (English Scan USB or F5 refresh directly), windows 8 recovery usb from another computer check whether the USB parameters are consistent with your own USB settings.

  3. Click "Setfing" windows 8 recovery usb from windows 10 (English Setfing). At this time, you need to enter a password to enter. The password is 320 or two windows 8 recovery usb from windows 7 spaces. After clicking "OK", a dialog box will pop up. Just click "Open".If you have already configured windows 8 recovery usb wiederherstellen speicherort auswhlen your own configuration file for USB settings, open your own configuration file, if not, just windows 8 recovery usb wiederherstellen speicherort ausw盲hlen open it by default.

  4. After entering the parameter setting interface, you can make the necessary windows 8 recovery usb without windows 8 settings according to your own needs, and you must be cautious, otherwise unpredictable consequences windows 8 recovery usb won t boot will occur.

  Manufacturer information (Vendor Str), product information (Product str), manufacturer windows 8 system recovery download for usb (Vendor): you can change to a name that you can easily identify, or you can use the default settings windows 8 system recovery external hard drive directly, only English words and numbers, and the maximum number of characters does not exceed the windows 8 usb recovery drive not working space after the space The identified character, otherwise an error will occur.

  Disk Type: USB-ZIP windows 8.1 boot from usb recovery drive or USB-HDD can be selected. After successful mass production, USB-ZIP will be displayed as a removable windows 8.1 copy recovery partition to usb disk, and USB-HDD will be displayed as a local disk. Choose whichever you like.

  Disk Size: It windows 8.1 lenovo factory recovery usb key is not recommended to choose, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes.

  Disk label (Disk Lable): You windows 8.1 password recovery tool usb download can change it to what you like or easy to identify. It is recommended that English and numbers are not windows 8.1 recovery disk download usb free too long.

  Make USB-CDROM image path (Make Auto Run): select the PE_ISO file you like, the ISO windows 8.1 recovery partition auf usb stick file is recommended to be placed in the root directory of the disk, and the file name is recommended windows 8.1 recovery usb download 64 bit in English and numbers, and not too long.

  Pretest: Erase All Block (low format), Erase Good Block windows 8.1 recovery usb download keeps failing Only (high format), generally the default is OK, you can try it when mass production is unsuccessful. windows 8.1 recovery usb for another pc

  5. After setting, click the "OK" button in the lower right corner to save the set parameters and windows 8.1 recovery usb ntfs or fat32 return to the main interface of the mass production tool.

  6. It is recommended to check the above windows 8.1 recovery with usb product key mentioned parameters again and click Start. The production process is about five minutes. During this windows advanced options boot from usb recover period, it is not recommended to perform any other operations on the computer, let alone power off windows advanced options bot from usb recover and force. Turn off the machine, wait until the green OK appears on the main interface, it means windows app to recover formatted hard drive mass production is successful, and if there is no green OK, it means unsuccessful. Check the above windows automated system recovery disk xp usb parameters and restart mass production or replace other tools.

  Note: Other places that do not indicate windows build 1809 system recovery usb file the parameter settings can not be changed at will, and the places with red circles must be paid windows data recovery software external hard drive attention to, otherwise mass production may not be possible or mass production may fail.

  Finally, a windows error recovery on external hard drive word of nonsense: mass production risky operations need to be cautious