Cool Disk Sync Cloud allows your phone to operate files on your computers external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

38 2021-08-23 05:40

  Autumn and winter alternate, and the weather turns cold. At this time, if there is a tool that can how do i recover my usb drive help us lie on a warm bed, that is, we can access and edit files in the computer with portable devices how do i use a recovery usb such as mobile phones and tablets.Such a tool does exist, this is the cool disk.

  Kupan is a how do i use hp recovery usb cloud storage tool for file management and backup. It can automatically synchronize the same files to how do you boot from usb recovery PC, mobile phone, tablet and Web in real time.In this way, no matter where we are, as long as we have how do you recover fail hard drives a device that can access the Internet, we can easily access and modify files between devices.

  In how do you recover files from usb the main interface of Cool Disk, click the "Menu" button to open the "Settings" window.Click the how do you recover your hard drive "Move Directory" button in the "General" item.Set the folder to be synchronized in the PC here and click how do you recovery bad hard drive "OK".In the future, all files in this folder, including the modifications we made to the files in how does hard drive data recovery work this folder (such as deleting, adding or editing, etc.), will be automatically synchronized to the how does hard drive recovery software work network server of the cool disk, and then we have installed cool Other devices.

  At the same time, how expensive is hard drive data recovery in the "My Computer" list, a virtual disk named "Cool Disk" will appear, double-click to open it, and how large usb for window 10 recovery you will see that all the folders we have selected to synchronize have been displayed in it.

  In how large usb for windows 10 recovery a similar way, install the cool disk in the phone and start it. After a short period of synchronization, how much costs hard drive data recovery all the files we synced on the PC will be displayed in the file list.Find the file you want to how much does hard drive recovery cost edit and click to open it, and then edit it directly.Due to the automatic synchronization function how much is external hard drive recovery of Cool Disk, the modified files will be synchronized to the PC in real time. In this way, you only how much space to create recovery usb need to log in to the Cool Disk with the same account on the PC and you can see the modified files, how much to recover broken hard drive which is very convenient.

  Tips: Like the PC, if you want to open and edit different types of files how much to recover external hard drive on your phone, you need to install the corresponding tools. For example, if you want to edit text how much to recover hard drive clicking files in TXT format, you can install "920 Text Editor", If you want to edit documents in DOC, DOCX or how recover files hard drive won't spin Xls, Xlsx and other formats, you need to install an office suite such as WPS, OffcieSuite or Documents how recover specific file from hard drive To Go.