How to monitor the flow of iphone5s/6/6S to view the detailed tutorial of using the flow[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-23 05:10

  The current mobile traffic is very expensive. Don't look at the monthly traffic of hundreds of recovery of wd1 external hard drive megabytes a month, but in fact, if you don't pay attention to it, it may be used up within a day. Does recovery of wd1 external raid drive the iPhone have a program to monitor traffic.The answer is yes, and you can see it regardless of the recovery off broken external hard drive iPhone generation.The following is a detailed description of the steps to check:

  Step 1. Find the recovery on hard drive via usb "Settings" icon on the iPhone home screen and click to open it, as shown in the figure

  Step 2. recovery partition located on second hardrive Then in the setting list, click to open the "Cellular Mobile Network" option, as shown in the figure

  recovery partition to usb windows 7  Step 3. In the cellular mobile network settings, slide the screen down, as shown in the figure

  Step recovery partitions making usb stick from 4. Then you can see a list of all application software using traffic below, as shown in the recovery programs for external hard drives figure

  Step 5. Through the system's mobile network traffic monitoring, it can be seen that the applications recovery robot hard drive recovery business that currently use the most traffic on my mobile phone are "Photos and App Store", as shown in recovery service cheapest external hard drive the figure.

  Step 6. If I don't have enough data, I can choose not to let these two data consume the recovery service external hard drive prices most application software.Click the switch on the right side of the application to close it, as recovery software cannot detect hard drive shown in the figure

  Note: If you want to allow them to use mobile data in the future, you can also recovery software for dropped hard drive turn on their switch here.

  Step 7. At the bottom, you can also see how much traffic the system uses, recovery software for linux hard drive as shown in the figure

  Step 8. Click on the system service to view the traffic usage of each recovery software for portable hard drive system service, such as time and location, document synchronization, software update, push notification, recovery software for toshiba external drive etc., as shown in the figure:

  Although you can only see the detailed list of mobile Internet recovery software for wiped hard drive traffic, this is enough, after all, it doesn't matter how much wifi traffic is used.