What is UD and what is fbinst boot disk production [Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-23 05:00

  UD is a special partition created by the bean predecessors of the Space-Time Forum. This special windows 10 recovery usb to another hard drive partition requires the use of fbinst.exe to create, can be created in external hard drive, memory card windows 10 recovery usb without media creation tool and other devices.UD area has hidden attributes, and only fbinst.exe and grldr can be accessed, windows 10 recovery use a usb or dvd which makes the UD area have natural anti-virus features.In today's era of external hard drive virus windows 10 recovery wiped my external hard drive prevalence, the UD area can effectively protect the PE environment in the external hard drive.

  2. windows 10 remove recovery partition from hard drive Three common "external hard drive boot" modes

  After talking about the concept of UD, let's look back windows 10 repair blue boot usb recovery drive at the current common modes of "external hard drive boot":

  (1) Plain text mode

  Use the disk windows 10 system image recovery new hard drive management program to divide an active primary partition in the external hard drive, and set the master windows 10 system recovery usb using command prompt boot record and partition boot record correctly, and then copy the PE file into this partition, so windows 10 update corrupted hard drive no recovery as to achieve the purpose of booting the PE system from the external hard drive.The advantage of windows 10 usb hard drive recovery disk 1 this approach is that it is simple to operate, easy to master, and easy to update the PE system.But the windows 10 usb recovery and fully clean drive anti-virus capability is almost 0, and it's not anti-deleting or formatting.

  (2) Mass production windows 10 usb recovery drive for hp pavilion mode

  Use the mass production tool corresponding to the external hard drive chip to mass produce windows 10 usb recovery tool site microsoft com the external hard drive into modes such as USB-CDROM, USB-ZIP, USB-HDD, etc.Taking the USB-CDROM mode windows 10 use recovery usb and system image as an example, the BIOS and the system will recognize this mass-produced external hard drive (whole windows 10 will not boot from recovery usb or part) as a USB-CDROM, so as to realize the boot of the external hard drive.And because the USB-CDROM windows 10 will not make a usb recovery mode is read-only, this mass production will achieve the effects of anti-virus, anti-deletion, windows 10 won t boot from recovery usb and anti-standard.However, mass production methods are difficult to be mastered by a large number of windows 10 won t boot from usb recovery people in a short time, and there are certain requirements for external hard drives and mass production windows 10 won't boot from usb recovery drive tools, so the technical level of users is relatively high, and it is not easy to promote.

  Use windows 10 won't bot from recovery drive usb fbinst.exe can create a hidden partition in the external hard drive and pass fbinst.exe write PE windows 10 won't create recovery drive on usb file to hidden partition.The hidden partition supports grldr boot mode, so that the PE system in the windows 7 boot from usb in system recovery hidden partition can be booted when the external hard drive is booted.The UD area is as described windows 7 doesnt see my external recovery partition above, only fbinst.exe and grldr can recognize operations, so it has the same three-proof special effects windows 7 file recovery for new hard drive as USB-CDROM (anti-virus, anti-delete, anti-standard).Relatively simpler than mass production, and windows 7 home premium recovery installation usb download easier to update.

  Compare the three modes and combine them into one table:

  Difficulty of windows 7 password recovery tool free download usb making

  Anti-virus, anti-deletion, anti-pattern

  At the same time, some third-party fbinst graphical windows 7 password recovery tool usb command prompt tools make it easier to make the external drive in UD mode, which can be called "one-click production" windows 7 password recovery tool usb flash drive . For example, the tool in the figure below is.

  3. UD's "One Disk, Two Uses"

  The UD area is part windows 7 password recovery tool usb for mac of the total capacity of the external hard drive, but not all, what about the remaining capacity?You windows 7 password recovery tool usb free download can rest assured that the remaining capacity will be recognized normally like an ordinary external windows 7 password recovery tool usb mac download hard drive. Generally we call this remaining space the "visible area" (compared to the UD area is windows 7 password recovery usb boot free download the "hidden area").The visible area can be used like an ordinary external hard drive, and data reading windows 7 recover files from failing hard drive and writing are as normal as an ordinary external hard drive, and the formatting operation of the windows 7 recovery disk download 32 bit usb visible area will not have any impact on the UD area.This is the commendable "two-purpose" model.