Graphic tutorial on for how to repair bad sectors on external hard drive with Victoria[Win11 Solutions]

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  The hard disk has been used for a long time, and basically there are one or two bad sectors, but easy recovery essentials easyre pro isos on one usb it does not affect the system (if you use Thunder or other tools to download a lot of things, it will enable usb debugging with adb stock recovery pixel 2 damage the hard disk more). There are too many bad sectors, then it is disgusting. Sometimes it may entailed the recovery of evidence from a hard drive not even be able to install the system, so how to repair these bad sectors, of course, if you are erase hard drive needs recovery of factory default software willing to download, PC3000 is a professional hard disk repair tool, there is also a MHDD hard disk error recovery manager cannot run from the hard drive repair tool, MHDD based on the dos environment, if you Hope to work under windows, then Victoria's export bitlocker recovery key to usb via command prompt tool should be suitable for you.

  Victoria has multi-functional tools such as hard disk surface external drive comes up with main and recovery drive detection/hard disk bad sector repair/SMART information inspection and storage/Cache cache control, etc., external drive formatted for tv how to recover files supports many models of hard disk decryption; supports a full range of detection and repair.

  Victoria external hard disk format data recovery software free download is very powerful, let's talk about how to detect the hard disk and how to repair bad sectors on external hard disk not detected how to recover dat a the hard disk.

  Victoria is known as the WINDOWS version of MHDD, although 4.Version 3 has been external hard disk not working how to recover dat a released as early as 2007, but it is still qualified to be the best hard disk testing tool. Reason 1: external hard disk recovery software free download full version Take all kinds of interface hard disks, Reason 2: Visual user interface (no one in MS now says that) external hard drive not detected how to recover dat a, Reason 3: It can be used under WINDOWS, and it is also a G-list-level bad track repair software.

  external hard drive not recognized how to recover dat a Sector color description:

  The colors of the sector read time are: light gray (<5ms), gray (<20ms) external hard drive photo recovery in salem keizer oregon , dark gray (<50ms), green (<200ms), orange (<500ms), red (>500ms), indicating that it is from normal external hard drive recovery software free download for mac To abnormal, read and write speed from fast to slow.

  Under normal circumstances, only the first external hard drive stopped working how to recover dat a and second squares (that is, light gray and gray) should appear; the third square (that is: dark gray) factory reset hp laptop usb recovery windows 7 w means that reading there is more time-consuming; the fourth and The fifth square (ie: green and file recovery from imac hard drive from broken computer orange) means that the reading here is abnormal, but bad sectors have not yet been generated; the sixth first aid recovery for a external drive on mac (ie: red) means that the reading here is difficult, and bad sectors will be generated soon; ×, it force hp laptop to boot to windows usb recovery means a read error, there are serious physical bad sectors, which can't be repaired and can only be format c drive from usb boot windows recovery cmd remapped.

  Generally, to repair bad sectors, please select the option "Ignore", "Remapping" and format external hard drive so no data can recover "Recover" in the lower right corner of "Test", "Remapping" among the three options.

  Erase (ERASE) is formatted hard drive recovery software free download full version mainly to erase the scanned bad tracks. For some CRC errors, which is what we often call logical free 16g usb windows 10 64 bit recovery kit errors, or bad blocks that are not very serious, they can play a role in repairing.

  Remapping (REMAP) free data recovery dead external hard drive western digital is to redefine the LBA address of the bad block, and write the address of the original bad block free data recovery from dead seagate external hard drive to the G-List of the hard disk, because the hard disk will have reserved capacity when it is produced. free data recovery software download for external hard disk This function is to use the reserved capacity. Address replacement bad block.

  If there are a lot free data recovery software for corrupted external hard disk of color blocks on the hard disk, you can first use the ERASE function to erase and write the entire free data recovery software for damaged external hard drive disk to see if it can reduce bad sectors.

  Then use the Remap function, remember to fill in the free data recovery software for external hard drive mac appropriate timeout value in the timeout column, the default is 1000ms, it is recommended to change free data recovery software for formatted external hard drives it to 250ms first, and then change it to 150ms scanning after multiple scans, it should be possible free data recovery software for raw usb flash drives to scan most of the color blocks into the G table.

  Below is the English version of Victoria's tutorial free data recovery software for seagate external hard drive on repairing bad sectors on hard disks:

  (Of course, if you choose the repair function and the free data recovery software for toshiba external hard disk erase function, it will affect the files on the hard disk, so: be aware of reinstalling the system free data recovery software for wd external hard drive and file backup)

  1. Standard contains some basic information about the hard disk

  2. S.M.A.R.T free data recovery software western digital external hard drive (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) Hard disk self-test function, click Get Smart to free download data recovery software for external hard drive make the hard disk self-test whether it is faulty.If there is no problem, it will display GOOD as shown free download data recovery software from usb full version in the figure below.But this is just some basic information, if you want to check bad sectors, you free download data recovery software full version for usb still have to go to Test.

  3. Test This is to test the hard disk reading function. After you click free download hard drive data recovery software full version Start, you will see a lot of gray grids, which represent normal. For example, the lightest color is free download software for recovering deleted files from usb the fastest to read, and the orange one takes 600 milliseconds. If there is blue or red, it means free download usb data recovery software for windows 7 that there are bad sectors here.Generally, if Test chooses Ignore, it is to directly detect the hard free external hard disk recovery software for windows 7 disk without taking any measures. If remap is selected, the sector will be shielded. If the data is free hard drive partition recovery software for usb bootable written, the sector will be skipped. The Erase function is similar to remap, so delete the meaning free program to recover date on external hard drive of.Restore is to restore the various actions we have done to this sector.

  4. Advance, too advanced, free program to recover deleted files from usb drive not available to ordinary users, write some information to the hard disk, it belongs to the low-level free program to recover files after formatting hard drive programming.

  5. Setup various configurations, basically we can choose the default.

  That's all, free program to recover files from damaged hard drive let's learn and try.