external hard drive becomes memory a good way to speed up the computer without thirdparty tools[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-23 04:40

  external hard drive changes to memory, a good way to speed up your computer, external hard drive external hard drive with data recovery to memory, have you tried it? Many people don't know that there is this function. When the memory external hard driver safe recovery software becomes larger, the computer will run faster. This method is practical enough.!Please see the following external hdd data recovery software free for specific operation methods:

  If you have a "high-speed external drive" at hand, congratulations!Through external hdd recovery for broken drives the new Windows ReadyBoost technology, you can use it to expand your system memory-really external hdd recovery software for mac an on-demand way to improve computer performance!

  Please refer to your external drive manual or external hdd recovery software free download outer packaging, it will generally indicate whether it is a "high speed external drive" or whether it external program to boot recovery partition supports ReadyBoost technology; in addition, you must ensure that the external drive has at least 25 external ssd delete my files recovery 6M of space-only in this way can this be achieved Function.Then insert your external hard drive into external thrombosed hemorrhoid surgery recovery time the computer USB port.

  The computer will pop up the "AutoPlay" panel, select "Accelerate my external usb hard drive data recovery system".

  In the pop-up properties panel, select the "ReadyBoost" tab, and then select "Use this device" external usb hard drive recovery center and "Reserved space for speeding up the system" (that is, select how much external hard drive space external usb hard drive recovery software to use as memory), and click the "OK" button , Your computer will accelerate successfully!

  In your external usb pen drive data recovery future use, if you need to adjust the acceleration space of the external drive, or turn off the extrac information for usb recover dat a ReadyBoost function of the external drive.Just open "Computer", right-click the external hard drive extrnal hard drive recovery software free drive, and click the "Properties" option in the pop-up menu to make various adjustments.!