you forgot your WeChat payment password Detailed steps[Win11 Solutions]

30 2021-08-23 04:20

  WeChat is a free application launched by Tencent to provide instant messaging services for smart create usb bootable recovery windows 10 terminals.WeChat supports cross-communication operators and cross-operating system platforms to quickly create usb drive recovery windows 10 send free (consumption of a small amount of network traffic) voice text messages, videos, pictures create usb mac startup softw2re recovery and texts through the network. At the same time, it provides functions such as public platform, create usb recovery device windows 10 circle of friends, and message push. Users can use " "Shake", "Search for number", "Nearby", scan QR create usb recovery disk windows 10 code to add friends and follow the public platform, at the same time WeChat share content to friends create usb recovery disk windows 8 and share the wonderful content seen by users to WeChat Moments.

  In addition to the above functions, create usb recovery drive windows 10 WeChat can be used as a wallet just like Alipay, with payment functions.It's easy to forget the create usb recovery drive windows 7 password if you don't use it for a long time.So, what should I do if I forget the WeChat payment create usb recovery drive windows 8 password?If you forget the password, the money in WeChat can't be brought up.What to do?

  On the login create usb recovery drive windows 8.1 interface, click "Switch Account" in the upper right corner, and select the method you need to log create usb recovery mac high sierr a in to log in.

  Wechat account for QQ number registration:

  If you are a WeChat registered with a QQ create usb recovery media windows 10 number, the login account of WeChat is QQ number + QQ password.If you do forget your QQ password, create usb recovery windows 10 dell you can enter the security center ( Reset the password and log in with the modified QQ create usb recovery windows 10 error password and QQ number.

  Wechat account for mobile phone number registration:

  If you registered WeChat create usb recovery windows 7 hp with your mobile phone number, you can log in to, forgot your WeChat account or create usb recovery windows 8 1 password, use your mobile phone number to reset the password, you can follow the interface prompts.

  Mobile create usb windows 10 recovery drive phone number login method:

  Choose to log in via mobile phone number verification code:

  At create usb windows 8 1 recovery this time, the phone will receive a verification code, enter the verification code, and click Next to create win 10 boot recovery usb log in.

  Retrieve the password only by binding the mailbox:

  Log in to weixin via, create win 10 recovery usb iso forgot your WeChat account or password, use the email address to reset the password, enter the bound create win 10 usb recovery drive email address, log in to the email address, and click the address in the email to change the create win 7 recovery disk usb password.

  Open WeChat, click the icon in the upper right corner, and select my bank card

  Click the create win 7 recovery image usb icon in the upper right corner and select the payment password

  Choose to forget the payment create win 8 1 recovery usb password

  Choose a bank card, if there is only one bank card, you don't need to choose it, then the next create win10 recovery iso on usb step

  Enter the card number of the bank card (if it is a credit card, you also need to enter the create window 10 boot recovery usb effective date), name, ID number, mobile phone number to verify your identity

  Enter the received create windows 10 boot recovery usb verification code to verify the phone number

  Enter new payment password

  Confirm the new payment create windows 10 bootable recovery usb password again, it's ok

  Method 3: The merchant forgets the WeChat Pay merchant account and password

   create windows 10 bootable usb recovery First check the email address you submitted when you applied for payment, and find the email sent by create windows 10 home recovery usb Tencent Tenpay at that time

  Find the payment merchant number and initial login password

  Note: create windows 10 license recovery usb If the merchant accidentally deletes the email and forgets the merchant number, you can directly check create windows 10 password recovery usb the merchant number in the background of the headquarters service provider.Merchants can consult create windows 10 pro recovery usb with agent partners in various regions.

  Log in to the WeChat Pay merchant background

  Verify the create windows 10 recovery boot usb information to reset the merchant account login password

  After entering the merchant login interface, create windows 10 recovery disk usb enter the merchant number and click Forget Password

  Enter the verification code, enter the create windows 10 recovery drive usb enterprise verification information and then reset the password. This account is a merchant Tenpay WeChat create windows 10 recovery media usb payment transaction management account. It is very important. Please keep the account password create windows 10 recovery tools usb properly to ensure the safety of funds.

  The above is about how to retrieve the WeChat payment password create windows 10 recovery usb acer if you forgot it.It's actually quite simple, in one sentence: re-bind the bank card and reset the create windows 10 recovery usb dell payment password.