Macbook Jinmai S notebook external hard drive reinstallation system Win11 tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-23 04:10

  You know, in this world where little fresh meat is rampant, there is no good face value.The same windows 7 64 bit recovery usb is true for notebook brands.However, this ultra-high-value laptop comes from Tmall's top-selling windows 7 administrator password recovery usb notebook brand-Mai Benben. It not only has a charming and slim body, but its performance should not be windows 7 boot password recovery usb underestimated.It looks so attractive, and it is inevitable!Take this opportunity to introduce to you windows 7 boot recovery from usb the Win8 tutorial of Macbook Jinmai S Notebook external hard drive Reinstallation System. Don't miss windows 7 boot recovery tool usb it.!

  [1] Connect the made external hard drive boot disk to the computer, enter the external hard windows 7 boot recovery usb download drive installation master page and select [01] to run the external hard drive master Win10PE (X64) windows 7 bootable usb recovery tool UEFI version (preferred);

  [2] After entering the desktop, double-click to run "PE one-key installation" windows 7 bootable usb recovery tools on the desktop.

  [3] We double-click to open the "PE one-key installation" on the desktop of windows 7 create a recovery usb the external hard drive PE system to open the installer interface.

  [4] At this time, we only need windows 7 create bootable recovery usb to select "Restore Partition" by default and do not need to modify.

  [5] Select the previously windows 7 create bootable usb recovery installed system image file in the C drive, and click "Execute".

  [6] The system will select the C drive windows 7 create recovery disk usb to divide the license by default, just click "OK".

  [7] At this time, the file of the system image windows 7 create recovery media usb will be automatically decompressed to the C drive, without any operation, and do not operate the windows 7 create recovery usb stick computer or shut down at will.

  [8] After the progress bar is completed, completely delete the external windows 7 create system recovery usb hard drive and restart the computer to complete.

  After completing the above operations, the windows 7 create usb recovery disk Win8 tutorial of Gigabyte laptop one-key external hard drive installation system is finished perfectly.If windows 7 create usb recovery drive you want to install the win8 system on your computer, you can try the above steps in the editor. windows 7 disk recovery tools harddrive ?Of course, you can also learn about the win10 tutorial of Macbook Jinmai S notebook external hard windows 7 formatted hard drive recovery drive reinstallation system, if you need it, click to view it.!