How to install the original Win11 or Win11 system using the external hard drive startup tool[Win11 Solutions]

30 2021-08-23 04:00

  In this article, we borrow the Chinese cabbage external hard drive boot tool to teach you how to crashed hard drive recovery oklahoma city install the original WIN7 system and WIN8 system.Please read the following article carefully

  Note: crashed hard drive recovery service cost The following installation methods except method 1 in the second category can all be applied to the crashed hard drive recovery software free installation of 64-bit win7 or win8 systems

  Native external hard drive installation. The boot menu crashed hard drive recovery tool usb of the external hard drive produced by this tool contains the Windows7 operating system installation create a bitlocker recovery usb key function. Use this function to perfectly transplant the Win7 system to your external hard drive.This create a bootable usb recovery drive function does not need to enter PE, no virtual CD-ROM drive, and is not restricted by FAT32 and create a chrome os recovery usb NTFS file system, and there is no need to format the external hard drive again. The speed is much create a facek microsoft recovery usb faster than CD-ROM installation. It is pure U-disk installation.Since the disk sequence has been exchanged create a google recovery usb drive in the startup command, there will be no situation where the first disk is a external hard drive create a mac os recovery usb during installation (tested on the real machine), please rest assured to use.

  Reminder: Do not create a recovery image on usb test this installation method under a virtual machine, the virtual machine test will generally fail. create a recovery usb drive mac USB home

  1. First use the Chinese cabbage external hard drive boot tool to make the external hard create a recovery usb flash drive drive boot (refer to the production tutorial).

  2. Find the iso image of Windows7 system, use UltraISO create a recovery usb windows 10 or WinRAR to open the iso image of Win7, and then extract/decompress all files to the root directory create a recovery usb windows 8 of your external hard drive.

  3. Finally find the file named bootmgr in your external hard create a systeem recover usb drive drive, rename bootmgr to win7mgr.

  4. Start the computer with a external hard drive, select menu 12, create a system recovery external dvd and then select menu 2 to directly install the Win7 operating system.

  The following steps are not create a system recovery usb drive much different from installing with a CD. When the installation process automatically restarts, unplug create a usb recovery drive mac the external hard drive to continue the installation. USB home

  The second type of method:

  Enter create a usb recovery drive surface PE and use virtual CD-ROM or hard disk installation tool to install

  Brief steps: enter boot menu create a usb recovery for tablet 12, then select menu 1, enter PE.

  Method 1. Use the virtual CD-ROM drive to load the ISO image of create a win 7 recovery usb the win7 system, then open the virtual CD-ROM drive, and double-click setup directly.exe to install.(We create a windows 7 recovery usb used an original method to solve the problem of not being able to create a system partition when create a windows 8.1 recovery usb installing the original Win7 under PE)

  Method 2. Extract install from the sources directory of create a windows recovery usb drive the Win7 installation disk.Put wim into the external hard drive or hard disk, then start the external create a windows vista recovery usb hard drive into PE, use the NT6 installation tool to find the install extracted from the ISO.wim create a windows xp recovery usb to install.

  The following three Win7 installation tools are available! USB home

  Method 3, similar create acer recovery disk to usb to method 2, directly use the virtual CD-ROM drive to load the ISO installation file of Win7 in the create acer recovery usb windows 7 PE, and then use the NT6 installation tool and other software to install. USB home

  Note: All the create an alienware 17 recovery usb above installation methods except method 1 in the second category can be applied to the installation create backup usb with burn recovery of 64-bit win7 or win8 systems. external hard drive Home

  How to install the original version of create bios recovery usb flash drive Win7 or Win using the external hard drive startup tool: