Huirong SM3267AE adds flash ID to solve FlashID Not Found mass production tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-23 03:50

  Because of my own DIY external hard drive, I bought the Huirong SM3267AE main control board, and windows file recovery from free live usb the flash memory was bought by Toshiba. I bought a total of 8 Toshiba flash memory particles, 16G, but windows hard drive recovery tool how to there are two kinds, one is 7DDK, the other is 7DDL , The material numbers are: TH58TEG7DDLBA4C, windows password recovery tool 3 0 usb and TH58TEG7DDKBA4C, it can be seen that there is only one letter difference; originally I wanted 7DDL, windows password recovery tool ultimate iso usb which should be the wrong product sent by the merchant, so several of them are 7DDK;

  7DDL is windows password recovery tool usb free download double-posted to SM3267AE, the card is opened once successfully, and the reading and writing speed is windows password recovery tool usb iso free 140/90M per second, which is not bad. I will continue to post when I am happy.

  During the period, windows password recovery tool usb windows 7 I thought that 7DDK and 7DDL should be the same, after all, there is only one letter difference, but windows password recovery tool usb windows 8 there was an error after posting, use Huirong V2.5.63 v1 version Q1206 mass production tool mass windows password recovery tool windows 7 usb production prompt FlashID Not Found, as shown below:

  It means that there is no flash memory data of windows recover unallocated space on usb stick this ID in the main control database, and mass production failed; I thought it was a wrong jumper or windows recovery cd onto a usb drive there was a problem with the main control board.

  Some people say that adding ID is enough, so they windows recovery console copy files to usb try to solve:

  1. First, the mass production tool can identify the ID of this flash memory, the windows recovery dectect hard drive from usb ID is 98 DE 94 93 76 D0;

  2. Then open the database file of the 3267AE main control that supports the windows recovery does not recognize hard drive flash ID list;

  3. Find the database file of 3267AE

  4. Then open it with Notepad or other editor, windows recovery doesn't recognize usb hard drive I use notepad++;

  5. After opening, find the ID list of Toshiba flash memory, as shown in the windows recovery drive doesn't see new harddrive figure below, I found the ID of 7DDL;

  Compared with the ID of 7DDK, there is only one character windows recovery drive same as windows usb difference; in comparison:

  6. Seeing this, I think everyone understands it. Anyway, I understand. The windows recovery drive vs factory recovery usb method is to copy the 7DDL line of data, then insert a line, and change the ID to 7DDK; the related windows recovery drive vs msi recovery usb data is also changed to the corresponding (It feels like only changing the ID will do), such as the windows recovery hard drive cd rom problem process nm number, this is A19nm (7DDK K represents A19nm, L represents 15nm); if you don't know, you windows recovery hard drive not showing up can use the FlashMaster flash query tool to get flash information.

  7. After adding the ID of 7DDK, windows recovery keeps downgrading my hard drive as shown below:

  I added a blank line for the convenience of viewing;

  8. Save it after the windows recovery media creator not recognizing usb modification, and reopen the SM3267AE mass production tool after saving, and then look at the ID of the windows recovery on hard drive via usb flash memory, you can see that the flash material code we added has been displayed;

  9. Then click windows recovery tool on external hard drive start to start mass production, an exciting moment.

  10. As a result, the mass production is windows recovery usb can i reuse it successful, and the green OK is displayed. This method is effective; the single sticker posted during the windows recovery usb can't load operating systems test, since the mass production is successful, the other piece is also posted the mass production windows recovery usb vs windows install usb success;

  11. Test whether the capacity of the external hard drive is correct, the tool used urwtest, windows recovery usb windows 10 32 bit the test result speed is not bad, not as fast as 7DDL, but it is almost the same;

  Summary: When windows rt 8 1 recovery usb download mass production fails, if the reason for the failure is that there is no flash ID data in the mass windows server 2012 bare metal recovery external production tool database, you can try to use this method of manually adding ID to solve it, but it is windows server 2012 system state recovery usb definitely impossible to be 100% successful. After all, my two The ID of the flash memory is only windows server recovery not reconigzing my usb one character missing. In addition, the hexadecimal modification is best to replace or reduce the windows surface laptop create a recovery usb number of 0. Any additional actions may cause failure. If you also encounter mass production tools that windows tool to recover usb after linux do not recognize your flash memory, You can also try to use this method to add the id method to solve windows unable to format hard drive recovery it, of course, the risk is still great.