How to disable UASP mode How to realize the unplug freeze function[Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-23 03:00

  Because of some special requirements, we need to disable the UASP function of wtg. Although this install os x from usb within recovery hd function can make the external hard drive faster, for example, if you want to realize the unplugging install recover grub from ubuntu live cd usb freeze function, you must disable this function. How to achieve it.

  In an environment that supports install recovery partition windows 8 1 from usb UASP, we can disable it by modifying the registry.

  Disabling UASP will reduce the performance of install windows 10 boot from usb recovery drive the external drive, but using the WTG system at normal intensity will not feel any difference.

  The install windows 10 from usb in recovery mode WTG system needs to be installed in the external drive, and the startup configuration is successful.

  The install windows 10 on mac from recovery usb following operations need to go back to the local system.

  1.Use ChipGenius to view external install windows 10 recovery tool to usb drive drive information, remember VID, PID, device serial number.

  2.If the WTG system is installed in install windows 7 new hard drive recovery disc VHD(X) mode, please load VHD(X) first.

  3.Open the Registry Editor

  Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, install windows xp recovery console usb flash drive open the File menu> Load Hive (load WTG registry)

  Browse to select the X:WINDOWSSYSTEM32CONFIGSYSTEM installing factory recovery disk on new hard drive file (X is the letter of the USB drive or virtual disk loading drive)

  Feel free to set an add-on installing windows recovery file erased my hard drive name, such as wtgsys


  (VID insufficient disk space to recover lost data usb and PID are just seen in ChipGenius, the following sub-items are generally related to intel motherboard board recovery bios usb boot fail the device serial number)

  5.Right click on the MSFT XX item, click on permissions

  Click the internal solid state hard drive connectors to recover Advanced button

  Click the change link behind the owner, enter the user name of the machine, and internet recovery seagate portable hard drive for mac confirm

  After modification

  Click OK to close this window

  Check Full Control-Allow in the Everyone iomega home media network hard drive data recovery permission in the Security tab just now .

  Make the following changes

  Change the value of iphone 8 plus recovery mode usb not working Capabilities to 94 in hexadecimal

  Change DeviceDesc to

  @usbstor.inf,%genericbulkonly.devicedesc%;USB is it possible to recover a hard drive Mass Storage Device

  Change the value of Mfg to

  @usbstor.inf,%generic.mfg%;Compatible USB storage is it possible to recover formatted hard drive device

  Change the value of Service to

  7.Uninstall the configuration unit, the permissions can is logitech wireless mouse good without usb recover not be changed back

  Re-enter the WTG system, unplug the freeze function will take effect.

  The is recovery d drive a seperate hard drive system will freeze when you unplug the external drive, and there will be a "keep the USB drive inserted" is the recovery disk a separate hard drive prompt after reinserting, and the system will not have a blue screen.

  Note: This post comes from is there a recovery from usb in google Turnip Head IT Forum