How to write Linux system to external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-23 02:50

  How to write Linux system to external hard drive

  The way to install the system with external hard recover lost data from portable hard drive drive is very common. It is very simple for many users to install Windows 7 system with external recover lost data from your hard drive hard drive and Windows 8 system with external hard drive, but it is still a certain degree of difficulty recover lost data hard drive after format for novice users. , So let's teach you how to install the Linux system on the external drive and recover lost data on external drive mac write the Linux system to the external drive.

  1. Preparing to work

  1. The home of UltraISO recover lost data on hard drive mac "Floppy Disk Link" software external hard drive

  UltraISO PE (floppy disk pass) V9.5.3.2901 Simplified recover lost data on usb flash drive Chinese Green Single File Version

  2.Ubuntu 10.04 system or other version of Linux system USB recover lost file from external hard drive home

  3. Need to make a external drive for the USB installation system

  2. Operation steps

  Step 1: recover lost files from crashed hard drive First insert the external drive into the USB interface of the host computer (it is recommended to recover lost files from external hard disk insert the USB interface on the back of the main chassis), then open the UltraISO software, and then recover lost files from formatted hard drive open the Ubuntu 10 that needs to be written to the external drive.04 or other version of the iso image recover lost files from hard drive free package of the Linux system, as shown below:

  3 Step 2: Click "Boot CD", then move the mouse to recover lost files from usb flash drive select "Write to Hard Disk Image" and click the left button of the mouse, as shown in the figure recover lost files from usb flash drives below: Home of external hard drive

  A window for writing the hard disk image pops up. It is worth recover lost files on a usb drive noting that: We need to see clearly where the hard disk drive is the external drive that we just inserted recover lost files on external hard drive into the usb interface, which is the external drive we need to write to. Don't make a mistake. recover lost files on hard drive free external hard drive Home

  We can use the default writing method, then click "Easy Start", select "Write recover lost files on usb flash drive new drive boot area", then move the mouse to the right and select "Syslinux", and click the mouse!As recover lost files on usb memory stick shown below:

  u Startup reminder: The choice of "Syslinux" is very important. Many tutorials recover lost files wd external hard drive about this type circulated on the Internet ignore this step, which leads to the final production recover lost folder from external hard drive failure. external hard drive Home

  Click "Yes (Y)" to continue, as shown in the figure below: Home of recover lost hard drive space windows 7 external hard drive

  Next, a prompt window of "Writing to Boot Sector Successfully" will pop up, as recover lost imap setting old hard drive shown in the figure below:

  The third step: that is to continue the operation of the previous step, recover lost partition on external hard drive we click "write" to continue, which means to write the entire iso image package to our external recover lost partition usb drive for free hard drive, as shown in the following figure:

  After clicking the "write" button, a confirmation window recover lost password windows 7 using usb will pop up, which means to let you further confirm whether to write the iso image package to the recover lost photos from external hard drive external drive. We only need to click the "Yes (Y)" button. As shown below:

  Now start to write the recover lost photos on external hardrive free iso image package of the Linux system to the external hard drive, as shown below:

  When writing recover lost pictures from external hard drive to the external drive, we should pay attention to: try not to do other operations, it is recommended recover lost pictures from formatted hard drive to wait patiently for the success of the writing!As shown below: Home of external drive

  OK, you're recover lost space on external hard drive done, the external hard drive writing to the Ubuntu Linux system is complete, what we can do next recover lost space on usb drive mac is to use this bootable external hard drive to install the Ubuntu system.

  Prompt: Set the BIOS boot recover lost space on usb drive online sequence, which is what we often mentioned to set the external hard drive boot!Because we only need recover mac data from an external drive to set the first boot sequence of bios to the external hard drive, then we can boot from the external recover mac external hard drive on pc hard drive to install the system on the external hard drive.

  First enter the BIOS setup recover mac hard drive on windows 7 interface, and then find in turn: "Advanced BIOS setup"-"HardDisk"-"First Boot Device"-"USB 2.0 Disk" Home recover mac os if hard drive crashed of USB

  After setting the bios, press the F10 key to save and exit, then the computer will recover master boot record external hard drive automatically restart, and finally enter the interface of the external hard drive installation system.

   recover memory files from laptop hard drive After the above detailed preparations and specific graphic tutorials and demonstrations, the operation recover memory from old laptop hard drive of writing to the Linux system in the external hard drive is basically completed. What you need recover microsoft office after hard drive crash here is that different brands of computers have different ways of setting bios. The user can't set it recover microsoft office key from hard drive up exactly as described above. USB home

  How to write Linux system to external hard drive: