[Fixed] portable external hard drive cannot be opened and prompted to format[Win11 Solutions]

16 2021-08-23 02:40

  The most common problem with portable hard disks is that after a period of use, due to improper phison ps2251 07 usb recovery tool operation, the portable hard disk can't be opened when used again, prompting that it needs to be phison ps2251 07 usb recovery tools formatted. At this time, the data inside is more dangerous. If you click to format the portable hard disk phoenix bios crisis recovery disk usb The data is gone, so the following tutorial will teach you how to get the data out and format it.

  phoenix bios crisis recovery program usb  1. First use the tools that come with the system to repair

  This kind of operation can be fixed phoenix bios crisis recovery usb stick directly if you are lucky. Not only can the mobile hard disk be used, but the data is available. It is phoenix crisis recovery disk tool usb the first way to try. Click the start button in the lower left corner, then click Run, and then enter phoenix crisis recovery usb flash drive the cmd command

  Then the dos window will pop up, enter the command chkdsk h:/f" (h stands for phone battery destroyed recover data usb disk h, change to the drive letter of your mobile hard disk), pay attention to the space after k.

  In photo recovery from dead hard drive fact, this command is the error-checking tool that comes with the system. In addition to the command, photo recovery from deleted hard drive you can also use the right mouse button on the removable disk, such as the H disk, and click the photo recovery software for hard drives tool, and then click Check to perform the repair operation of the portable hard disk.

  2. Use photo recovery software formatted hard drive diskgenius to retrieve partitions and restore data

  Download the diskgenius professional version, then physical hard drive data recovery tool open it, plug in the mobile hard drive and the software will recognize it, then we select the drive physical hard drive failure data recovery letter of the mobile hard drive, don't select the local hard drive, and then click the tool to search physically broken hard drive data recovery for lost partitions.

  The purpose of this operation is to ensure that the data is complete to the pioneer dvr hard drive recovery tools maximum. Generally, a complete partition can be found, and then we save the found partition. If we pixel 2 xl usb recovery mode are lucky, then go to see if the mobile hard disk can be opened at this time, the data inside is also pixel c switch to usb recovery complete, which means Repaired.

  3. If the above method is not repaired, then we continue to use please insert a recovery usb stick diskgenius operation, still select the mobile hard disk partition, and then click Tools-deleted or pny usb flash drive data recovery formatted file recovery

  Just press the default complete recovery and click Start. The scan takes a portable hard drive data recovery adelaide long time and you need to wait patiently. After the scan, you will find all the mobile hard disk data, portable hard drive data recovery cost and then copy the data to the local hard disk to save, and the data will be saved. , And then we portable hard drive data recovery melbourne can format the mobile hard disk at will, just use diskgenius to format, the mobile hard disk can be portable hard drive data recovery software opened normally after formatting, and then copy the previously saved data into the mobile hard disk portable hard drive file recovery software to completely solve this problem.