[Fixed] external hard drive or External external hard drive can be recognized but the drive letter cannot be assigned[Win11 Solutions]

14 2021-08-23 02:20

  If you encounter the problem that win7 or WIN10 can't automatically assign drive letters when using hp envy 17t bw000 recovery usb external drives or mobile hard drives, don't worry, it can be solved very easily, because after hp envy 17t usb recovery stick all, your computer recognizes your external drive, but it is not allocated. Drive letter, so I can't hp envy 27 p014 recovery usb see it on my computer.

  In fact, the main reason is that the function of automounting is prohibited. hp envy x360 recovery usb disk We can open this function through the registry. Two methods are provided below.

  1. You can enable hp envy x360 usb recovery tool this function by modifying the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesMountMgrNoAutoMount

  Of hp external hard drive data recovery course there is an easier way:

  2. You can run mountvol /e directly, hp hard disk drive data recovery without changing the registry, the drive letter will be assigned automatically next time!

  ? If you hp hard drive data recovery tool run out of available drive letters, mount a local volume without a drive letter.

  ? If you need to hp hard drive failure recovery disk expand the volume space without reformatting or replacing the hard disk, you can add mount paths to hp hard drive failure recoving windows other volumes.

  ? If you use a volume with multiple mount paths, the advantage is that you can use hp laptop corrupted bios recovery usb a single drive letter (such as C:) to access all local volumes.Although it is possible to mount local hp laptop hard drive data recovery volumes and assign drive letters to them, there is no need to remember which volume corresponds hp laptop hard drive recovery partition to which drive letter.

  Finally, explain the parameters of the mountvol command:

  Create, delete, hp laptop recovery new hard drive or list volume mount points.Mountvol is a way to link volumes without a drive letter.

  mountvol hp laptop recovery usb windows 10 [Drive:]Path VolumeName

  mountvol [Drive:]Path/d

  mountvol [Drive:]Path/l

  mountvol [Drive:]Path/p

   hp laptop recovery windows 10 usb Some people use the USB-cdrom partition for mass production of the external drive. The external drive hp laptop windows 10 recovery usb has two partitions. Win10 can only recognize the cdrom partition, but can't identify the second hp mini 110 recovery usb download external drive partition. This solution is also used to solve this problem. It is very fast and easy hp mini 210 recovery usb download to use. , If there is no permission when running cmd, please find CMD in the system.exe, generally in hp mini bios crisis recovery usb the C:windowssystem32 directory, right-click to run it with administrator privileges.