SD card cannot be accessed solution tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-23 01:40

  After the SD card has been used for a long time, it is very common to have problems. If the SD card data recovery from a reformatted hard drive is inserted into the mobile phone or the computer shows that the SD card is inaccessible, this data recovery from a usb flash drive situation is more troublesome. Of course, it also depends on the situation. If you are lucky Fortunately, data recovery from bad external hard drive logical damage can be easily repaired. If it is physical damage, I don't hope much.

  1. If the data recovery from broken hard drive uk SD card can't be accessed when the phone is inserted, it is probably not inserted properly, so we need data recovery from clicking external hard drive to put the SD card in the card reader and plug it into the computer to see if it can be read. If data recovery from corrupted external hard disk the computer can read it, then explain It's just that the phone is not plugged in properly, you can data recovery from corrupted hard drive free restart the phone or try to plug in the phone several times.

  2. If the computer also shows that it data recovery from crashed external hard disk is inaccessible, it means that it needs to be repaired. The method is as follows

  3. Plug the card data recovery from crashed hard drive software reader into the computer, the computer will display the sd card drive letter, but it can't be opened, data recovery from crashed laptop hard drive so we click the right mouse button on the drive letter, click properties in the menu, and then data recovery from crashed mac hard drive switch to the tool column

  As shown in the above picture, click the Start Check button, check the data recovery from damaged external hard disk automatic repair and scan and try to restore the two options, as shown below

  4. Then click the start data recovery from damaged hard disk drive button and wait for the repair to be successful. If you are lucky, it will be repaired. You can open data recovery from damaged hard drive software the SD card directly, and the data in it is also intact, but if you are not lucky, look at the following data recovery from damaged laptop hard drive method

  5. The above method can't be repaired, it means that the SD card is badly damaged. At data recovery from damaged sata hard drive this time, it depends on luck. We try to use the SD card repair tool to solve it. First, try to repair data recovery from dead external hard disk it with SDFormatter.

  6. After opening the software, it will automatically recognize your SD card. data recovery from dead hard drive software For example, the H disk above, we only need to click the format button. Whether it is successful data recovery from dead internal hard drive depends on the ten seconds. If it succeeds in a while, it will be as shown in the figure below. data recovery from dead laptop hard drive hint

  7. It will prompt that the formatting has been successful, you can use it after unplugging it and data recovery from dell laptop hard drive plugging it in again. Of course, it will prompt if it is unsuccessful.

  8. If none of the above data recovery from dropped external hard drive tools can be repaired successfully, then you can try to change the computer and the card reader to data recovery from external hard disk free repair the SD card repair tool again. There are many such tools, and the mass production network has data recovery from external hard disk mumbai special The column of is available for download, please try a lot, if it still doesn't work in the end, data recovery from external hard disk software then we can only buy a new one.