How to make a external hard drive support UD BIOS mode and U EFI/BIOS mode to coexist and boot[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-23 01:30

  Due to the slow penetration of EFI, as an IT worker, it is necessary to prepare a external hard ilenovo ideapad 100s bitlocker recovery usb drive or maintenance tool that can be booted with EFI.

  Our favorite UD, currently only supports BIOS ilike external hard drive data recovery booting, and can't be booted by EFI!

  So in this case, most people start by using two external hard ilike usb flash drive data recovery drives, one UD and one U+

  Or extract the UD file and write it directly in U+ mode.Of course not imac hard drive failure data recovery to mention mass production.It's just that this is mostly the case, and there are many ways to talk imac hard drive recovery from spill about it.!

  When making maintenance tools for PE and UD versions that can be booted by EFI/BIOS, I imac hard drive recovery service price accidentally discovered that U+ and UD can coexist on the same disk.

  Of course, I have searched for imac recovery from failed hard drive relevant information in major technical forums such as Baidu or Wuyou.After all, my initial idea is image recovery dvd convert to usb to learn from the technology or to learn from it!

  But the result is not much, and the production image windows 10 for recovery usb method is slightly complicated or the steps are redundant.Some articles also mention the use of DISKGEN indianapolis external hard drive data recovery to partition.Feel really troublesome.And I'm the one who is most unwilling to use diskgen to cut innostor nand flash usb device recovery my beloved external drive!

  Tucao here, the search function of the worries-free forum is the least insert hp sparekey usb recovery key powerful, it is recommended to turn on the vertical and horizontal search!Not only can search the inspiron 3670 bios recovery via usb full text, but also reduce the burden of searching keywords on the forum!

  Publish production install data recovery on usb method

  The production method is really simple, I guess most people have known it for a long time, but install cwm recovery without usb debugging they are not happy to share it.Or the search engine is not included.I did not find!

  In fact, here I install el capitan from usb recovery want to say: I understand people who are unwilling to share their technology with the public. After install hard drive dell recovery partitions all, even if many people know something, it may take a lot of effort for him to figure it out by install recovered hard drive from drivesavers himself.Share the public for nothing.The result in exchange may not only be bad, or it may not be your install snow leopard recovery from usb thing to be changed by some vain person to DIY.So i even understand!Because of this, it also respects install twrp recovery on usb flash those friends who like to share their experiences, so that many people can take shortcuts.!

  The install windows 10 from recovery usb production method is actually a sequential logic problem!

  The correct way is to U+ first and then install windows 10 using recovery usb UD!

  The wrong way is to first UD and then U+, the result is only U+.Can't see UD

  There is no need install windows 7 recovery disk usb for any third-party things, of course the FbinstTool and UltraISO are not counted.

  As for U+V or install windows 8 with recovery usb whether it is hidden, it depends on whether your ISO supports these modes to start.

  I won't talk install windows recovery environment on usb about FBA production, but there is one detail I must remind everyone!

  Please use FbinstTool to install windows xp recovery console usb operate manually.If you use FBA's automatic installation tool, U+ may be lost

  Because some installers installing windows 10 from recovery usb will format the entire external hard drive first, and then create a UD write file.

  Of course, when installing windows off a usb recovery it's OK, I suggest manual.I did that anyway.up to you!