Intel firmware upgrade tutorial to fix the data loss problem of 320 series SSD 8M[Win11 Solutions]

33 2021-08-23 01:10

  2011 was an uneasy year for Intel.Following the recall of the "B2 defect gate" incident of the Sandy dell boot to recovery usb drive Bridge chipset, its 320 SSD series solid state drives were exploded again by "8M gate".

  According dell create recovery usb windows 10 to foreign media reports, Intel confirmed last weekend that its 320 SSD series of solid-state dell create usb recovery windows 10 drives does have a serious problem that may cause the product to be completely unusable.The problem is dell d630 hard drive password recovery called "Bad Context 13x Error" and it is easy for users to encounter a sudden power failure.After dell direct usb recovery key winxp power off and restart, the system may recognize the storage capacity of SSD 320G as 8MB instead of the dell external hard disk recovery software actual 40GB to 600GB.

  This problem doesn't happen very often, but once it happens, users are at a dell factory image recovery usb reddit loss.This problem has caused a lot of users' anxiety on the Intel forum. This is not difficult to dell hard drive data recovery service understand, because no matter who spends a higher price and buys such a product, he will always feel dell hard drive failure data recovery uncomfortable.

  This problem was first discovered and reported to Intel in early June, but until now dell inspiron 11 3000series usb recovery Intel has managed to find out the cause of this problem and come up with a corresponding solution. dell inspiron 15 hard drive recovery Intel intends to use a firmware upgrade to solve this problem, and it is now in the process of dell inspiron 1525 hard drive recovery finalizing the development of new firmware, but Intel did not provide a specific firmware release date.

  dell inspiron 1545 hard drive recovery  Due to the high read and write speed and suitable storage capacity of SSD 320, it was generally dell inspiron 3847 recovery usb flash welcomed by consumers as soon as it was launched.Industry commentators believe that this product is a dell inspiron 7548 use recovery usb bit outdated because it is not equipped with a 6Gbps SATA interface, but even so, its performance and dell inspiron i5 7000 recovery usb power consumption advantages still make consumers very satisfied.

  According to the survey, merchants dell laptop hard drive data recovery everywhere are still selling this product, because Intel believes that the scope of the problem dell latitude 10 usb recovery key is not large, so there is no need to recall the product, and the problem will be completely resolved dell new hard drive windows recovery after the new firmware is released.

  The original post of Intel's statement on its official forum: dell os recovery and restore usb

  For those with Intel SSD 320 series SSDs who are concerned but currently unaffected, Intel advises dell os recovery not detecting usb the following actions:

  For those 320 series users who have not encountered this bug but are dell os recovery save to harddrive worried, (before updating the firmware,) Intel recommends:

  As with any storage device, backup your data dell os recovery tool bricked usb regularly

  Like other storage devices, make daily backups of data

  When shutting down your system, dell os recovery tool usb error follow your system's standard shutdown process

  When shutting down, use the normal shutdown dell os recovery tool usb format procedure of the system

  Minimize unplugging the SSD while your system is powered

  Plug and unplug the dell os recovery tool usbkey zip SSD as little as possible when the power is on

  2011/08/17 update: Intel officially released a dell os recovery usb can't boot firmware update to fix this bug.

  Go to the official download 4PC firmware update ISO file

  Method A: dell p28f recovery windows 8 usb Intel's official recommended method-update using CD

  1. Back up important data on SSD!(Don't scold dell recovery & restore usb drive the landlord for accidentally losing important data)

  2. Use software such as Alcohol 120% to burn dell recovery and restore to usb the ISO file to CD-R.

  3. Restart the computer and enter the BIOS settings, set the SSD to IDE mode dell recovery and restore usb download (some users have reported that it needs AHCI mode), and use the CD to start the computer to dell recovery and restore usb error update.(Note: Some people have reported that the USB optical drive can't be successfully updated. If you dell recovery and restore usb gczjgw1 encounter this problem, please use the built-in optical drive.)

  Method B: Update using external dell recovery and restore usb key drive

  Note: This method may not be suitable for large-capacity external drives (this 256 MB external dell recovery and restore usb tool drive in the hands of the host can successfully boot EVGA X58 motherboard and Intel H55 motherboard, dell recovery disk new hard drive and successfully updated two SSDs).

  1. Back up important data on SSD!(Don't scold the landlord for dell recovery disk smaller hard drive accidentally losing important data).

  2. Prepare a blank external hard drive,

  This external drive dell recovery from external hard drive will lose all data on the external drive because it needs to be formatted!

  external hard drive dell recovery media windows 10 usb formatting tool format.rar

  Unzip to a convenient path (eg D:format)

  3. Run HPUSBFW with administrator dell recovery tool usb format error privileges.EXE.

  4. Carefully select the drive letter of the external hard drive (don't format dell recovery tool usb taking forever other removable disks by mistake and cause data loss), select quick format and create a DOS boot dell recovery usb 8.07 partition 1 disk.

  5. Select the path for the DOS boot file, namely HPUSBFW.The path of the EXE (the location dell recovery usb 8.1 in spanish just unzipped).

  6. Click Start to confirm and start formatting. After formatting, you will get the dell recovery usb asking for drivers following confirmation window: