What is the NFC function of External phones and for how to use NFC Super detailed introduction[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-23 00:40

  High-end mobile phones are now advertised as equipped with NFC function, which sounds completely recovery data from external hard drive not recognized confusing.Most people don't know what mobile phone function nfc is, and what convenience it can bring recovery data from formatted hard drive free download to everyone?

  Here is a brief introduction to everyone in the most popular words:

  NFC is the recovery data from formatted hard drive free software abbreviation of Near Field Communication (too long to read). To put it bluntly, it is the near field recovery data from hard drive asking to format communication technology.It is not exactly the same as the Bluetooth and WiFi that we are familiar with. recovery data hard drive docking or internal connection The focus is on the word "near".

  The NFC coil is usually installed in the back shell or even the recovery data usb 5 4 1 2 full battery of the mobile phone, so when using it, the back of the mobile phone is usually aligned with recovery disk usb drive not recognized windows 10 the sensing area, and scanning is performed by clicking the bi.

  So after having it, you don't recovery disk windows 10 usb iso download rkhunter need to bring a card when you go out. A mobile phone can be used. Simply put, it can replace the most recovery file from broken asus g502 hard drive commonly used bus card, of course, not only the bus card.

  First of all, the most practical is the recovery install mac os x lion from usb mobile payment function, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, subways, buses, etc.When recovery is not letting me erace hard drive you need to check out, swipe your phone, pat your butt and leave.

  Second, the access control recovery is not letting me erase hard drive function, such as community access control, driving lock car, ticket and ticket, etc.This requires our recovery manager cannot run from the hard drive mobile phone to have the corresponding verification code, and you can swipe it when you want to enter recovery mode mac book bro in external monitir the door to complete the verification.

  Third, data transmission functions, such as downloading recovery mode mac mini 2012 on usb keyboard music, transferring pictures, exchanging address books, etc.The speed is actually not much faster than recovery mode mac no permission to external drive Bluetooth, which is more tasteless.

  Fourth, browse information function. For example, if you bring recovery my husbands iphone 7 history without phone your NFC mobile phone close to public facilities with NFC function on the street, you can browse recovery program for a usb drive and pc various information such as traffic, performances, weather, etc.

  Fifth, smart label function.This recovery rate of mechanical failure external hard drive is awesome, it's a bit like a smart button.

  Sony recently launched NFC electronic tags, through which recovery software for external hard drive at home a series of quick operations such as making calls, sending text messages, enabling/disabling the recovery software for external hard drive free download alarm clock, etc. can be realized, which is very convenient.

  The above five functions are all NFC recovery software for mac for external hard drives uses that are closer to life, of course, they have not yet been fully popularized.Our country has recovery software that runs on usb free download been vigorously developing this technology, I believe that in the near future, NFC will truly enter us recovery usb flash drive ubnt edgerouter using windows and provide convenience for life.

  The following is an example of how to use the NFC function:

  First, recovery usb for windows 8 without windows 8 prepare a mobile phone that supports NFC function, and then download software such as NFC card recovery usb tool for windos 8 0 download reader through Baidu mobile assistant, or pea pod and other software download platform, and install recovery usb windows 7 updated to windows 10 it

  Find and turn on the phone's NFC function.

  Open the NFC reading software

  Place the card you recovery usb with win 7 for win 10 want to read, such as bus card, bank card, etc., close to the back of the phone, and after hearing recovery via a usb keyboard amazon fire tv the sound, the card's related information will be read out.

  Bus card balance, bank card swiping, recovery windows 7 product key from hard drive cash withdrawal and recharge records can all be read out.

  Last reminder: different cards require recovery word document lost from external hard drive different NFC reading software does not apply to the NFC function, turn it off to save power.

  For recuva hard drive data recovery software for windows what NFC is and how to use it, let's stop here. If you have any questions, you can leave a message and reddit steps to fully recover formatted hard drive ask.