Dell 5000 laptop installed Win11 64bit Ghost system really successful tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-23 00:00

  I recently installed the win7 system on my friend's Dell 5556 laptop for 1 day. I have a lot of install mavericks from usb with recovery partition experience to share with you. The main problem lies in the card update registry setting interface; the install osx on external drive using recovery following details:

  First of all, I saw that this notebook feels advanced and thin for business, install recovery partition windows 8.1 from usb but the actual pre-installed win10 system is not easy to use, and compared to the card. Later, the install windows 10 from dell recovery usb test is caused by the bottleneck of the mechanical hard disk, so the notebook computer still needs SSD install windows 10 from usb recovery drive to be fast.But this is not the main reason for changing win7, mainly because friends need to install install windows 8 from usb recovery drive a piece of business software, but this software also supports the WIN7 system at the highest, so install windows xp recovery console to usb there is no way, only to change the system;

  The fastest way to install the system is, of course, to installing recovery disc on new hard drive install ghost under pe. It is fast and simple. As a result, I can't boot from my normal USB boot intelligent provisioning recovery media for gen10 usb disk to winpe at all. I don't know my external drive at all. I checked it online for a long time. I internal hard drive shows up as recovery know from the data that the current new computer is in the UEFI+GPT partition mode, and the previous internal hard drive unallocated recover data solved bios+mbr mode can't be used to install the system, so I don't recognize my external hard drive boot iomega external hard drive failure data recovery disk, and I must start with a uefi-supported boot. In this case, I immediately found a USB boot disk iomega home media network hard drive recovery creation tool that supports uefi startup and made a new external drive. This time I can recognize my iomega zip usb drive c click recovery external drive by pressing F12, and I can see that there is A uefi boot option can choose my external iphone 6s usb restricted mode recovery mode hard drive, decisively confirm, and then go directly to WIN8PE, there is no option at all, but iphone in recovery mode usb not recognized fortunately, I finally go to pe, and then I directly ghost one key in the usual way Restore the win7 6 is hard drive and recovery the same 4-bit system, because it is said that the 32-bit system does not support uefi at all. I thought it is it possible to recover ahard drive would be fine. As a result, the system could not start at all and it showed that the system could not is it possible to recover formatted usb be found, but I must restore the system to the c drive, and go to pe See the c drive also has a large is recovery drive same as bootable usb number of system files, what is the reason.It turns out that this uefi is not as simple as the is thw usb recovery environment admkn mode traditional msr partition before. I used the diskgenius software to see that there are 2 more partitions is win 7 recovery drive bootable usb than the traditional partition, one is called ESP partition, the other is called MSR, the partition issues create recovery usb for chrome os table is not mbr, no wonder the system starts to find Less than.If you find the problem, you can iuweshare free usb flash drive data recovery solve it. According to online information, it is very troublesome to install the system by ghost in iuweshare hard drive data recovery 1.9 9 uefi. You must first match the ESP and msr partitions to your newly installed system. I failed before iuweshare hard drive data recovery professional because these 2 partitions are not. Changing the system from win10 to win7 under the changed situation iuweshare usb flash drive data recovery licence causes it to fail to start.

  Check the information again and say that you can go to the bios iuweshare usb flash drive data recovery license settings to turn off uefi and re-enable the bios+mbr mode, but since the uefi+gpt mode is now popular, iuweshare usb flash drive data recovery serial we have to keep up with the times, so I never thought about going back to the previous way and kaspersky recovery disk on usb not working sticking to uefi Walk to the end.

  Then continue to toss, find the information and say that you want kingston datatraveler 2 0 usb device recovery to install win7, you must also turn off the uefi encryption in the bios, so that you can install other kingston usb data recovery software free download systems except the pre-installed win10 system, this option is called Secure Boot, and the specific korg d1600 mkii hard drive recovery software settings are: press F2 to enter The computer's BIOS settings, UEFI mode, and Secure Boot are disabled. kta windows password reset & recovery usb Some brands of laptops also restrict the installation of win8 or win10 in the BIOS, so you have lacie external hard drive data recovery software to turn off this restriction, as shown in the figure:

  In the picture above, set OS Optimized Defaults lacie external hard drive recovery houston texas to Disabled

  Tip: For some computers, the OS Optimized Defaults options are win8 (64) and other laptop died can i recover hard drive OS. Just select other OS.

  Dell seems to have no system restrictions, the following figure only laptop died how to recover hard drive refers to the selection of Secure Boot.

  Some people say that if you want to install the ghost system laptop hard drive connector for data recovery with uefi+gpt, you have to re-partition the whole disk. It doesn't matter anyway, just use the laptop hard drive has 4 recovery partitions professional registration version of diskgenius to get a one-click partition. Here you need the professional laptop hard drive recovery cable files protected version, otherwise you might not be able to divide it. This is divided into guid partition table laptop wont boot to recovery usb disk from the beginning:

  And remove the check to keep the existing esp partition, check to create a latitude 10 st2 usb recovery key download new esp partition, and directly kill all the previous win10 system (the original production network). lavasoft password recovery cannot detect hard drive

  After partitioning, you need to prepare ghost. Note here that the traditional ghost restore tool lazesoft password recovery cannot detect hard drive is not working. At this time, you have to use the CGI restore software (download cgi here). The lazesoft recover my password iso usb boot function of the partition, so that you can match the boot file in the win7 of your new ghost with the lazesoft recover suite usb boot on mac boot file in the esp partition; I thought it was successful, but after restarting, I saw the first lazesoft recovery suite 4 2 usb bootable interface of win7, and then suddenly it stuck to the "update registration" "Table Settings" interface. lazesoft recovery suite for broken hard drive After waiting for half an hour, I didn't move it. It was confirmed that it had crashed:

  Then forced lazesoft recovery suite home edition bootable usb restart, this time stuck to the window interface is starting to die, this time I am blinded, what' learning data recovery and hard drive repair s going on.

  They are all based on other people's successful experience. Why did they fail again? least expensive clean room hard drive recovery Is it because my win7 64-bit ghost system itself has a problem.The system itself does not support leaving hardrive in freezer to recover files uefi?In order to eliminate this problem, I directly downloaded the image of the original Microsoft win7 lenovo boot usb recovery media gives error 64-bit professional system iso, and then installed the original win7 image directly to the c drive lenovo create recovery media usb windows 7 using the "Pony PE original system speed installation" software under win8pe according to the information lenovo create recovery media windows 7 usb checked. (Before installation, use diskgenius one-key partition guid again):

  This tool is lenovo create recovery usb drive windows 10 very simple, just drag the iso into it and click the next step.

  After installing and restarting, the lenovo e531 recovery disk new hard drive result is still stuck in the update registry setting interface. What is going on, I'm so annoying.

lenovo e545 boot from usb bios recovery   I'm puzzled. I've been tossing for a long time at this time. I gave up and went to the bios to close lenovo h415 recovery to new hard drive uefi and just try the previous mode to see if it can be installed. Then I went to the bios to close lenovo one touch recover to external drive the uefi and chose the legacy mode. This mode is the old one. Start mode.

  Although the Dell lenovo preinstalled windoes 10 recovery on usb computer is set to enable legacy, it still supports the uefi boot of the external drive, so I didn't lenovo recovery usb failed to create partitions make it back to the previous external drive, and I directly used the newly made uefi startup external lenovo rescue and recovery multiple external drives drive to enter win8pe. In this way In the environment, I used the diskgenius one-key partition bit lenovo rescue and recovery multiple usb drives mbr partition table format to partition the whole disk. I found that under win8pe in the uefi format, lenovo rescue and recovery windows 7 usb the mbr partitions will appear chaotic disks c, d, and e. I have to manually allocate the disks. lenovo secure usb hard drive data recovery Symbol, and then directly use ordinary one-key ghost to restore win7gho to the c system disk.As a result, lenovo t43 usb 3 0 recovery disk the system still can't be installed after restarting the system, and it gets stuck in the position lenovo thinkcentre recovery usb for windows 10 of the system icon;

  Why are both modes stuck in this position.Suddenly I thought, since I want lenovo thinkpad tablet 2 recovery usb download to switch back to the mbr partition mode, do I have to change the bootable external hard drive to the lenovo thinkpad tablet 2 usb recovery key previous mbr boot disk? Then I found a new boot disk creation tool that does not support uefi. lenovo usb recovery creator not recognizing usb Click, and then enter win8pe from the traditional boot. At this time, it is no longer the pe entered by lenovo usb recovery creator stalls at 99 uefi. Please note that after entering the pe, use the diskgenius one-key mbr partition mode to lenovo usb recovery creator stuck at 11 partition again, and then ghost again, restart, and it succeeded.

  After tossing for so long, I still lenovo usb recovery creator stuck at 99 haven't installed win7 successfully in the uefi+gpt partition mode. The reason is now known to me. For lenovo usb recovery creator tool windows 10 the specific reason, please refer to this article "The real solution for WIN7 installation stuck lenovo usb recovery creator tool windows 7 while updating the registry setting", if you just install one In the traditional mode of win7, there lenovo usb recovery key sitting at 96 is no need to toss, mbr is very good, and you can also backup and restore the system casually. It is lenovo usb recovery unable to partition usb said that the GPT partition mode can't be restored with ghost backup, which is very troublesome.Finally, lenovo usb recovery what get s installed it is recommended to use the USB boot disk creation tool of the installation assistant to make lenovo usb system recovery does not work the system external drive, which can reduce unnecessary mistakes.