Xiaohao spreads wildly through external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

16 2021-08-22 23:20

  According to a report from Jiangmin Anti-Virus Center, Jiangmin Anti-Virus Center has detected that windows 10 repair boot usb recovery drive there is currently a new worm "Xiao Hao" (Worm/XiaoHao).a) It is quietly committing crimes on the windows 10 replace hard drive recovery drive Internet. The virus is very similar to the "Panda Burning Incense" worm and can be infected*.exe windows 10 restore point from usb recovery executable program, and change the icon of the infected executable file to a "hao" character.The virus windows 10 system image recovery from usb also infects various web script programs, inserts normal web pages into virus-bearing URLs, and can windows 10 system recovery usb loses power spread through external hard drive.It is worth noting that the destructive power of the virus even windows 10 unable to create recovery usb exceeds that of "panda burning incense.".The exe file will be damaged and can't be recovered.

  According windows 10 usb recovery drive too small to Jiang Min's anti-virus expert, the "Xiao Hao" worm virus (Worm/XiaoHao.a) Infection.When the windows 10 usb recovery missing winload exe exe executable program is used, the infected program is overwritten with a virus program, which is windows 10 usb recovery tool closes instantly an overwrite and destructive infection. Therefore, even a professional data recovery company can't windows 10 usb recovery tool site microsoft.com recover the infected file completely.In this sense, the "Xiaohao" virus is far more destructive than windows 10 when to create recovery usb the "panda burning incense.". USB home

  In response to this virus, Jiangmin Technology has urgently windows 10 wont boot after usb recover upgraded the virus database. As long as the user upgrades to the virus database on August 14th, the windows 10 won't boot after usb recovery intrusion of this virus can be effectively blocked.

  The "Xiaohao" virus attack diagram is as windows 10 wont read recovery usb drive follows:

  1. When the virus body is activated on the infected system, autorun will be released on the windows 7 32 bit recovery disc usb disk and directory.Inf and other files, infect mobile devices such as external hard drives:

  %DRIVE% windows 7 32 bit recovery disk usb autorun.inf file attribute: H

  %DRIVE%Xiaohao.exe file attribute: H

  2. At the same time, release windows 7 64 bit recovery disk usb a file named Jilu in the following directory.txt file, which records a list of related infected windows 7 64 bit recovery usb download files.

  3. Copy itself to the system directory, full path: %SystemRoot%system32exloroe.exe

  4. It will windows 7 admin password recovery tool usb be automatically added to the registry startup item to ensure that it is activated:

  Key path: windows 7 create recovery disk on usb HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftActive SetupInstalled Components

  Key name: windows 7 create recovery usb flash drive {H9I12RB03-AB-B70-7-11d2-9CBD-0O00FS7AH6-9E2121BHJLK}

  Key value: %SystemRoot%system32exloroe.exe external hard drive windows 7 create system recovery disc usb Home

  5. Modifying the system time to January 17, 2005 will cause some anti-virus software and other windows 7 data recovery damaged hard drive genuine software to fail to activate due to authorization issues.

  6. The full search extension is *. windows 7 enterprise recovery usb download free jsp, *.php, *.aspx, *.asp, *.html, *.htm file, insert the virus URL into it.

  The malicious page windows 7 free password recovery tool usb uses multiple system vulnerabilities to target Windows 2000/XP/2003 to hang horses.

  7. Other behaviors: windows 7 home premium password recovery usb modify the registry to make the system unable to browse hidden files normally, modify the registry windows 7 home premium recovery disk usb to hijack normal EXE operation, so that some files will run the worm itself windows 7 home premium recovery usb download first:




  When windows 7 home premium sp1 recovery usb the user opens the infected folder, the title of the windows 7 move recovery partition to usb explorer will be modified to: X14o-H4o's Virus external drive has been poisoned

  At the same time, windows 7 password recovery linux boot usb Jiangmin anti-virus experts suggest that users:

  1. Install the antivirus software of KV2007, turn on windows 7 password recovery tool bootable usb the daily regular update of the virus database, regular antivirus function, and open all monitoring windows 7 password recovery tool free usb functions.

  2. Disable the automatic playback function of the system to prevent viruses from entering windows 7 password recovery tool usb boot the computer from mobile storage devices such as external hard drives, mobile hard disks, and MP3 windows 7 password recovery tool usb download .

  The method to disable the automatic playback function of the Windows system: enter gpedit during windows 7 password recovery tool usb iso operation.After msc, press Enter, open the Group Policy Editor, and click in turn: Computer Configuration windows 7 password recovery tool usb mydigital -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Turn off AutoPlay -> Enabled -> All Drives -> OK.

   windows 7 password recovery usb boot free 3. Use the Windows Update function to patch the entire system to prevent viruses from invading the windows 7 password recovery usb flash drive system by way of webpage Trojan horses. USB home

  "Xiaohao" spreads wildly through external hard windows 7 password recovery usb for mac drive: