Taidian Crystal Color 16GB AntiVirus Encrypted Flash Memory Experience Test[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-22 22:20

  Flash memory is now quite popular.As a product with a fairly mature technology and market, the can't boot from windows recovery usb product difference between mainstream brands of flash memory is not too big, and the manufacturers are cant boot to recovery usb drive nothing more than cost-effectiveness and special features.As a mainstream manufacturer of flash memory, cant boot up from recovery usb Taipower recently launched a crystal-color flash memory (called external drive by Taipower) priced can't find usb after chrome recovery at 199 yuan. With its 16GB capacity and anti-virus encryption function, it has attracted the can't recover data from hard drive attention of many users.For such a hot market product, what is its performance and ease of use.Is it worth can't recover files from hard drive buying?

  Reference price: 199 yuan USB home

  Safe antivirus function

  Connect the Taidian Crystal cant recover files on seagate external Color 16GB flash memory to the computer, we can see that it is divided into two partitions, the cara recovery data external hard disk first one is 32."Jiangmin Anti-Virus Mobile Edition" is installed on the 6MB partition, and the program cara recovery data hard disk external is solidified in a CDFS partition that can only be read.In our opinion, this setting has its own carbonite hard drive recovery by mail reason. The read-only attribute of the CDFS partition completely avoids virus infection and damage cbl data recovery cost hard drive to the anti-virus program itself, so the security level is very high.

  In terms of ease of use, cctv dvr hard drive recovery software Tectronic's 16GB flash memory gives us a good overall feeling.When we connect to the flash memory, the cell phone hard drive data recovery anti-virus software will automatically verify the integrity of the virus database and configuration cheap data recovery dead external drive folder stored in the next partition, and the program will run automatically if there is no problem.As cheap data recovery external hard drive an OEM version of anti-virus software, the anti-virus software provided by Teclast is not much cheap external hard drive data recovery different from commercial anti-virus software in function, especially the real-time monitoring of flash cheap hard drive data recovery uk memory viruses, which is in line with the application environment of flash memory, and fully guarantees cheap hard drive file recovery nyc the exchange of flash memory and other storage devices. Data security.

  What is slightly cheap hard drive recovery san francisco insufficient is that if we do not decrypt the encrypted partition of the flash memory, the anti-virus cheapest data recovery software mac usb software will not run automatically and need to be turned on manually.In addition, taking into account cheapest hard drive data recovery service the needs of different users, Taipower also provides a setting basis for automatic operation of the cheapest recovery software for hard drive program, which is more intimate.

  Right-click the second partition and select format, all the files cheapest single hard drive recovery solution in the flash memory are "formatted".However, when we double-click the CDFS partition to run the cheapest way to recover hard drive encrypted partition login software to log in, all the encrypted files are back in front of us. The only chicago data recovery external hard drive ones that are formatted are the files placed in the non-encrypted partition.But here we want to chip de usb recovery deleted file remind everyone that when we format the partition using the Teclast flash memory formatting program, all chip genius usb flash repair tool data will be lost at this time, so users must use caution.

  It takes 3 minutes and 50 seconds to chrombook os recovery usb erase tool copy a single file with a size of 702MB from the Seagate 640GB hard drive to the 16GB flash memory chrome app wont write recovery usb of Taidian Crystal Color. It takes 3 minutes and 50 seconds to copy 4.36GB file took 27 minutes.

  Judging chrome os cannot create recovery usb from the above test results, the writing speed of Tectronic's 16GB flash memory is not fast, chrome os insert recovery usb stick which directly leads to a long time when copying large-capacity files.Perhaps this is a manifestation chrome os recovery not recognizing usb of the law of product value. After all, the limited price can't meet the multiple needs of users for chrome os recovery usb not working high-speed, safe and large-capacity storage at the same time. USB home

  Mobile hard disk, although chrome os recovery usb stick download it is not convenient to carry flash memory.From these perspectives, I personally think that the 19 chrome password recovery for external drive 9 yuan 16GB Teclast flash memory is still worth buying for most users.

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