The process of mass production of ADATA S102 Yincan IS902 master external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

28 2021-08-22 22:00

  1. Overview of external hard drive

  I bought an ADATA S102 Yincan IS902 main control and 16G SLC system recovery usb windows 8 download chip USB3 online.0external hard drive one

  The advantage of this external hard drive is that it uses system recovery windows 10 external hdd Silver Can 3.0 master, available in the next 3.0 Full performance on the motherboard, the flash system recovery windows 10 on usb memory chip uses Intel's 34nm process, code-named SD316 SLC, the specific model number is replaced by system recovery windows 10 with usb x in the mass production tool, this is a special place, it should be JS29F16G08AAND2 or JS29F32G08CAND2.SLC system recovery windows 7 usb download reads and writes fast, with a life of up to 100,000 times of erasing and writing, which is system recovery windows 8 1 usb basically not bad for use.At present, many external hard drives use TLC flash memory chips, with a system rescue cd hard drive recovery life span of less than 1000 times.MLC is 10,000 times.The disadvantage is that the length of this systool harddrive recovery not finding file external drive is longer than other external drives, up to 70mm, its end is not completely closed, leaving systools hard drive data recovery 12 a gap, the sealing is not good, the pins of the flash memory chip can be seen from the gap, but systools hard drive data recovery 3.2 because it is not sealed, In some cases, it becomes an advantage again, which can avoid the trouble systools hard drive data recovery 3.3 of disassembly. If it is to be disassembled, the shell can basically not be used again.

  ADATA S102 systools hard drive data recovery coupon 32GB USB3.0external drive packaging

  ADATA S102 32GB USB3.0 USB Appearance

  Second, the mass systools hard drive data recovery mac production process

  1. After getting it, I want to mass produce into multiple partitions or USBCDROM.Download systools hard drive data recovery review the mass production tool of IS902 master control from this site, version number V2.03.00.02. systools hard drive data recovery software Start the mass production tool. Before you find the external hard drive, the menu on the other page systools hard drive data recovery v9.0 is invisible. After you recognize the external hard drive, look for it, but there is no option for systools hard drive data recovery v9.0.0.0 mass production CDROM. NS.Then there is an option that can be mass-produced into three partitions. tampa hard drive data recovery services According to the usual practice, the first partition is often not too large. Enter the value you want. team knowhow setup usb recovery medi a In other mass production tools, the remaining value will automatically enter the first partition. Two techspot best hard drive recovery ultilities partitions, after saving, mass production, cups, and there is only one partition of the specified telecharger adata usb flash drive recovery size; again, specify the size of the second partition, mass production, the result is still only the test usb recovery drive windows 10 first partition, do you want to specify all three.Try again, there is still only one partition.The testdisk recover data from hard drive following value is invalid.Frustrated, this version can't continue. I searched it online again. I saw the best external hard recovery software a description in Digital Home. I got a gray button software with the help of the driver's boss. the best hard drive recovery software After trying it out, I found out that only some menus were displayed. The partition size can only be the best recovering formatted hard drive specified in the range of 512-3952M.Read the PDF help file again, the first partition must be the thinkpad rescue and recovery two usb largest partition, and the size of the subsequent partitions can't exceed the first specified value.The thinkpad tablet 2 usb recovery key minimum value can't be less than 512M.

  Later, I contacted the buyer and asked the buyer for a mass thrombosed external hemorrhoid excision recovery time production tool. It was a good one. I sent it over immediately, version V2.03.00.04 is slightly thrombosed external hemorrhoid surgery recovery time higher.But the internal menu is the same after startup.

  2. In other episodes of mass production, time machine erase external drive recover because one of the times, in order to determine the partition size, another external hard drive was time machine recover external hard drive inserted to see its capacity allocation. I forgot to unplug it before mass production. As a result, mass time machine recovery new hard drive production failed and became a dead disk. Plug in the computer. After that, except for the flashing time machine recovery to external drive of the external drive indicator, there is no drive letter, and no external drive can be found in tips recover files hard drive damaged the mass production tools. There are only three ways to go. Try it, find a wire (just tie the iron tools to recover corrupted hard drive core wire of other things to strip the outer plastic), extend it into the corresponding position to tools to recover hard drive crash achieve the purpose of short-circuiting the flash memory chip, after many tests, finally successfully top 10 data recovery tools usb recognized the disk and mass production Into a normal one-partition disk.Resurrected from the dead, top 10 hard drive recovery services continue to toss.

  3. Use bootice to partition. The external hard drive can be partitioned in the top 10 hard drive recovery software bootice instructions, but usually there is only one visible partition. I want to try this 3.0 Is there top 10 hard drive recovery tools a special case on the main control, but the result is no. The mass production can only be restored top external hard drive recovery software to the original state once again, but a new situation has occurred. After mass production, the top free hard drive recovery software external hard drive is only about 4G, and I am dizzy. I don't know what happened. It became in the top hard drive data recovery 2019 subsequent secondary processing. Only 1.Around 3G, a lot of bad blocks.Use the F6 key to call up the "Erase" top rated hard drive recovery companies and "Power Erase" menus, first use erase, or 1.Around 3G, and then use strong dismantling, and top rated hard drive recovery software then mass production, the capacity is fully restored.

  4. Some other situations are also very important. top ten hard drive recovery software The first option in mass production is the "low format" option. If you select it or not, bad top ten usb data recovery software blocks may increase during mass production.The second is "create MBR". If you want to be a boot disk, toshiba 1tb external hard drive recovery you must select this. If you don't select it, MBR can't be written, and it will not be a boot disk.The toshiba booting from usb recovery drive third is "support DDR". It is not clear what function this option has, but the firmware file toshiba external hard disk data recovery automatically selected when selected and unselected is different, but the probability of mass production toshiba external hard disk recovery software failure is quite high.

  5. The mass production tool copied from other computers can't be used. The toshiba external hard disk recovery tool mass production tool given by the buyer can't find the external hard drive at first, and then open toshiba external hard drive data recover a setting called setting.Set file, this is a text file. After comparison, it is found that the following toshiba external hard drive data recovery contents of the last [HubName] are different. The relevant information of the USB device is toshiba external hard drive file recovery recorded here. Because other computer information is different from yours, the external drive can't be toshiba external hard drive partition recovery found. Solution , Delete this paragraph of text and save it, and the mass production tool will toshiba external hard drive recovery key automatically generate it again, and you can find the external hard drive at this time.

  3. Regarding toshiba external hard drive recovery process cracking, due to insufficient skill, try to use eXeScope to view and analyze, but only release the two toshiba external hard drive recovery software menus of "Local Disk" and "Removable Disk". Regarding the CDROM option, it is already visible in the toshiba external hard drive recovery tool program. , But I don't know why, but it's invisible.I can't find a place to set the size of multiple toshiba hard disc drive hdd recovery partitions.

  Fourth, the final conclusion, in view of the current situation, friends who want to toshiba hard drive data recovery service buy or have bought the Yincan IS902 master control, do not toss, the only thing that can be done is toshiba hard drive data recovery software to select an MBR and generate a bootable disk.If you want to continue tossing, you have to wait until toshiba hard drive recovery black screen the manufacturer releases a new version, or a cracker can crack it.

  5. Regarding the speed, the toshiba hard drive recovery format type subjective feeling on the G41 motherboard is quite good, and mydisktesk reads 32 on average.68M/S, toshiba hard drive recovery not working write 27.61M/S.Usb3.0, not tested yet.