How to make BitLocker encrypt external hard drive in windows 11 7 system[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-22 21:30

  external hard drive is the mobile storage device of choice for many friends, but because of its recover contents of a hard drive small size, external hard drive is also very easy to lose, and important data and information stored recover contents of external hard drive in it may also be leaked.Although the use of encryption software can play a protective role, it is recover corrupt word document on usb more troublesome.This problem has plagued the editor for a long time. After starting to use Windows 7, recover corrupted and unreadable hard drive I found that a function that comes with Win 7 can encrypt our external hard drive.

  The BitLocker recover corrupted external hard drive mac security function is already available in the Vista system, and the BitLocker function of Windows 7 recover corrupted external hard drive ubuntu is more powerful. It does not require users to modify complex settings such as group policies. As recover corrupted file in excel external long as you log in to the Windows 7 system as an administrator, you can use it.After inserting the recover corrupted files from usb mac external drive, right-click the external drive in "Computer" and select "Enable BitLocker" from the recover corrupted files from usb online pop-up menu.

  At this time, a "BitLocker Drive Encryption" will pop up. Choose how to unlock the drive recover corrupted files on usb stick according to your needs. The editor recommends that you select "Use a password to unlock the drive" recover corrupted files usb site .After entering the password twice (the password must be at least 8 characters), click "Next".

  In recover corrupted files usb using cmd order to prevent the password from being forgotten, BitLocker will create a recovery key and save it recover corrupted hard drive windows 10 to other drives or print it for storage. If you choose to save the key, you will get a file name recover corrupted hard drive windows 7 "BitLocker Recovery Key***.txt" text file.

  Finally, click "Encryption", BitLocker will begin to encrypt recover corrupted hard drive with testdisk your external hard drive. The time required for this process will be determined by the capacity recover corrupted usb drive windows 10 of the encrypted external hard drive and the size of the stored files.

  After the encryption is recover corrupted usb drive windows 7 complete, go back to the drive list and you can see that our external hard drive has been "locked"!

  After recover corrupted usb yelp san jose the external drive is inserted into the computer in the future, a "BitLocker Drive Encryption" recover crashed external hard drive mac prompt box will pop up first, and the external drive can be used normally only after the password is recover crashed hard drive read errors entered correctly.

  When the external hard drive encrypted with BitLocker under Win 7 is inserted recover crashed mac hard drive genius into the XP system computer, it can also be protected by BitLocker encryption. The difference from recover cut files from hard drive Win 7 is that the external hard drive can be opened first under XP, but the files inside need to be recover damaged external hard drive dat a entered correctly. It can be opened in the way of "BitLocker To Go Reader", so friends who have not recover damaged external hard drive mac installed Win 7 do not have to worry about not being able to use the encrypted external hard drive.