External external hard drive raw prompt formatting tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-22 21:00

  An older portable hard disk has been used without any problems before. It will prompt to format defender data transfer usb data recovery before it is plugged into the computer today. How can it be formatted? There are many people's data in delete partitions on recovery hard drive it, but if it is not formatted, it will prompt every time it is plugged in. can't enter the mobile delete recovered files from hard drive hard disk nor copy the data, the specific performance is: the mobile hard disk becomes raw format, delete recovery hard drive macintosh hd the capacity is 0, the computer can read the mobile hard disk, but double-clicking in the explorer delete recovery partition external hard drive will prompt that the file or directory is damaged and can't be read 、What to do? After continuous delete recovery partition from hard drive efforts, the author finally exported the data inside and reformatted the mobile hard drive to use it. The delete recovery partition on external drive method is as follows:

  First of all, do not click the format OK button, otherwise the data will delete recovery partition on hard drive not be retrieved.

  Method one, chkdsk command repair

  1. Click the start menu in the lower left deleted file recovery external hard drive corner of the desktop, then click Run, or directly use the shortcut key win+r to call up the run window, deleted file recovery from hard drive and enter the command cmd in run

  2. Then enter the command chkdsk (drive letter): /f, the mobile deleted file recovery on usb drive hard disk here is G drive, so enter chkdsk G: /f

  3. If you are lucky, you can use this command to deleted partition recovery external hard drive format your mobile hard disk raw and prompt for formatting, and you can use the mobile hard disk dell backup and recovery bootable usb normally. If you are unlucky, for example, mine will not work. It will run for a while and get stuck, dell backup and recovery manager usb and then prompt "Unable to determine the volume version or status, CHKDSK was aborted" can't repair dell backup and recovery usb disk the progress, so I use method two to solve.

  Method two, data recovery artifact diskgenius

  Diskgenius dell backup and recovery usb drive is a very amazing software made in China. Although it is a partitioning tool, its data recovery dell backup and recovery usb key ability is actually very outstanding. The actual test is much more reliable than EasyRecovery. Because dell backup and recovery usb size there are bad sectors, other data recovery software will directly get stuck. The default is Free dell backup and recovery usb stick version, the free version can't recover files over 64KB, so you can choose 4.7 Professional dell bios recovery from hard drive Edition.

  The author uses it to recover the data in the mobile hard disk first, and then directly format dell bios recovery usb fklash driev the entire mobile hard disk to fix it. If you have few bad sectors, you can try to repair the bad dell boot to recovery usb drive sectors. You can also do it easily with it.

  1. First plug in your mobile hard disk, then open the dell create recovery usb windows 10 diskgenius software, click Tools-Deleted or formatted file recovery option

  2. Then your hard drive dell create usb recovery windows 10 will be scanned.It took 3 hours for a 320GB hard drive to get stuck many times because of bad sectors, dell d630 hard drive password recovery but in the end it continued.

  3. Do not care about the pop-up reading sector error, indicating that dell direct usb recovery key winxp there are bad sectors.

  4. After all, there are bad sectors, so everyone needs to wait a little dell external hard disk recovery software longer and wait for the search data to be completed.

  5. After the search is complete, you can see dell factory image recovery usb reddit that all the folders are found. Just select the folder you want to restore and export it to other hard dell hard drive data recovery service drives to save.

  6. After the data recovery is complete, we click on the hard disk-bad sectors dell hard drive failure data recovery detection and repair option in the diskgenius toolbar to scan the mobile hard disk for how many bad dell inspiron 11 3000series usb recovery sectors there are.

  You can see that there are 18 bad sectors. After the scan is completed, click to dell inspiron 15 hard drive recovery try to repair it. Generally, they can be repaired. Then format the entire mobile hard drive to continue dell inspiron 1525 hard drive recovery using it. Copy the previously exported data back to complete the repair of the entire mobile hard dell inspiron 1545 hard drive recovery drive. Move The raw format of the hard disk has also been restored, and there will be no prompt for dell inspiron 3847 recovery usb flash formatting.