How to fix the CDROM of Anguos master control external hard drive mass production is successful and it cannot be recognized after mass production again [Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-22 20:40

  Generally, the expanded external drives or the cheaper external drives and gift external drives are free software to recover hard drive files usually the Anguo master control, and we mass-produce Anguo's usb-cdrom boot disk or if there is free software to recover usb drive files such a need to mass-produce the data to the cdrom for solidification, As the quality of Anguo's main free usb data recovery software full version control external hard drive flash memory is generally not very good, many errors will be generated, free usb flash drive data recovery exe which will lead to the failure of re-recognition and mass production to solve the problem, such as free usb flash drive data recovery license the following two situations.

  Case 1. Patriot L8202 USB stick 32G, Anguo master, using ALCOR MP_v16 free usb flash drive file recovery software .06.07.00 mass production tools

  The first is to directly select the disc mode to mass produce usb- free usb flash drive recovery software download cdrom, and mass production is successful. The disc is displayed normally, but the remaining space of free usb knoppix windows 10 recovery program the external drive is directly changed from 32G to 9.7G:

  Even if cdrom occupies 800M, there are free usb pen drive data recovery software more than 9 remaining.7G, so I am going to mass-produce again to fix this problem, but the mass-production free usb recover deleted files windows 10 tool can't recognize my external drive, which means it can't be mass-produced for the second free usb windows 10 recovery program 2018 time.

  Case 2. The external drive is an 8G Kingston external drive, the chip detection is the main free usb windows 7 password recovery tool control of Anguo, but the model is unknown:

  After looking for dozens of tools, I finally found ALCOR free utility to recover formatted hard drive MP_v16.03.25.00 This tool can be mass-produced. In the second mass production, the ISO file name free windows 10 password recovery tool usb was in Chinese, and the setting label was ticked, as shown in the figure below:

  Results After mass free windows 10 recovery disk usb download production, the ordinary external hard drive partition can be used normally, the CDROM partition is free windows 10 usb password recovery tool not displayed, and a yellow exclamation mark appears in the device manager, as shown in the following free windows 7 password recovery tool usb figure:

  But it can be booted from the CDROM partition, and it can be recognized normally on WIN8 free windows 7 password recovery usb drive system or above. When preparing to re-produce the mass production tool, it is found that the mass free windows 7 password recovery usb tool production tool can't find the external drive, which is the same. ISO files with English names are free windows 7 repair recovery usb download mass-produced many times, no problem.

  The above two cases are actually the same problem, which is the free windows 7 usb password recovery tool error that occurred during mass production of usb-cdrom, and to solve it, we must start with free windows 8 password recovery tool usb usb-cdrom, that is, find a way to remove cdrom, and mass production is required. But it can't be mass-produced, free windows 8 usb password recovery software so after checking the information, we found that the external hard drive controlled by Anguo free windows 8.1 password recovery tool usb has an official USB-ROM uninstall tool. We downloaded the CD-ROM Remover tool. After opening it, there free windows vista password recovery tool usb is only one interface, an uninstall button, and plug in the external hard drive. Just click to free windows xp password recovery tool usb uninstall the disk. The actual test can be used to remove the usb-cdrom drive without mass production, freenas recover geli key from usb drive which means that you can turn your external hard drive into a normal partitioned removable disk, so freeward data recovery for external hard drive that mass production can be achieved again without any problems. If you encounter mass production freeware hard drive recovery for windows 7 failure again, you can try this method.